Space & rent (by Neil Degrassi and yours truly)

Neil Degrassi admitted that the ISS isn’t in space and wants to go to the moon

Not only did he say that, he also said that what the astronauts were doing “wasn’t interesting and he didn’t want to do what 100 other people have done”

“What people are saying are space”:

The establishment and treaties are falling apart

And your dear precious ISS is being crashed into the fucking ocean like it’s trash

But they won’t stop digging up the dead so that they can clone themselves and they are getting to the top of what they want via artificial intelligence by murdering everything God has put into existence and rebuilding under their control

I heard Mark Zuckerberg recently say “what, I’m still human”. Stop lying ✋🛑✋

Stop raising my rent! 😡

“100 miles up, that is not space”

I mean he says it 100 times but the establishment continues to raise my rent

2 thoughts on “Space & rent (by Neil Degrassi and yours truly)

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  1. Imagine being an astrophysicist wanting to do something real with your degree before you die but they just keep sending a bunch of children up to pretend space instead…


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