Mouth (poetry)

He thinks if he opens his mouth
Pandora will be exposed
Or maybe he is trotting south
Where the devil steals your soul

He often comes with drought
Sitting like he is composed
But if you wait it out
You will watch his head explode

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I get so tired and start falling into a deep sleep wherein I’m jousted awake with the reality that my blood sister died

She was 2 years older than me

My sister died of COVID January 21st

And it’s a hard one to swallow

The things that wake you up in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep

The things

No one ever taught me to have compassion and it’s not something I was born with

When I was 15 my horoscope said that Leo’s are known to have feet and heart problems

Why does everything feel like a simulation

The establishment hope that we are the first intelligent life because they want to control all life in the universe like they are gods

Everything God created or that is natural, they’ve made artificial

Fallen Angel technology

Why does 11:11 always follow me

What did I do to deserve this hell

Why have I always been woke but stupid

Why did I get in trouble in kindergarten on the playground for trying to off myself because I wrapped a piece of string around my neck

Why am I so bothered by schools of fish that are people doing trends and acting like robots

Why do I know things before they happen

Why can’t I lie to you

Why why why why why

Do I always make the wrong choices

I get so emotional when I make a mistake

Especially when I’ve attempted to not fuck up

My sister didn’t get vaccinated and she died of COVID, I got vaccinated and got heart inflammation and am still dying and my half-sister has been triple vaccinated and double boosted and has had COVID several times but “is fine”

It’s a bio weapon

Why does nobody in my family listen to me

Why was I born without an identity

I had a period of awareness inside my mother’s womb and was depressed before escaping out into this hell hole

I don’t want to die this young and I’m really scared

God wants me sleeping in the lion’s den

I have complied

It was not worth my life

But alas, my indecision is final

I will sink with the ship

Stubborn Soldier

Temper like solar

I’ve got a cold shoulder

Death will never bring you closure

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