At least

At least when I’m at home I can control the temperature inside and I can take a hot bath as needed or put a heating pad on

I can clean out my spit cup

At least when my body goes into anaphylactic shock I can detox myself and I have a toilet

He didn’t want his legs to be touched

But he also agreed to be broken in half to be pulled out

Why did they tug so hard

And put faith in that putty anchor

He probably felt so good when he got pulled up right and then they dropped him on his fucking head and he lost all hope and died or either fell into a coma and they sealed him up in there while he was still alive

I hate advertising and I have selective sight

But John found a way to get through

I’m half-dead too

But like fixing hearts is his thang

I swear he’s fixing mine

So all them electrical charges that was him huh

“Your mind makes it real”

So maybe heaven exists after here…


I did just do another dose of apple cider vinegar and I’m getting ready to order another bottle

And of the liquid mother stuff too

I bathe in it like holy water

I wanna start making tonics

And maybe when I get my own land and I have an orchid growing, you can bury me in my fucking cemetery

I think I might put a tomb down for our dear John Jones

I just need to get his bones out of there

For fucks sake if you can dismantle a bridge so a boat can go through, oh my God please, you love digging up the dead!

Go get his bones!

And then give them to me so I can put them in my backpack

Bones are effing heavy tho

I definitely don’t want to be cremated and I have a skull underneath all this skin

I need you to hide my body from the establishment

And my brain and organs

I have never been an organ donor and I never will be

now I know fucking why I’ve always been against that shit because cloning is unethical cloning is unethical science is unethical cloning is unethical and salt is no good unless it comes from the sea

I guarantee you I probably self-destruct every time they try to artificially clone me somewhere


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