“Died in his sleep”

Death jab

RIP Ray Liotta

These things cause heart problems

I may die

I’m still fighting for my life

I’m still having difficulty breathing

It’s my lung

It’s my heart

Double fucked

The only diet we’re fed is sugar

It’s cancer

Fungas and mold love it

They’re doing more than eating the fucking trees morons!!!!!

Symbiotic my ass

I’m still detoxing!

I did three large doses today because it’s still fighting for its life as well!

Be gone devil!

I do have panic episodes and depression spells and moments where I don’t think I’m getting better but then I have to fall back on the progress I’ve actually made and just keep putting one step forward and taking another dose and drinking more water and eating more nuts

I’ve been down over a year with heart inflammation

I highly recommend CBD

It’s great for everything which is why Big Pharma has kept it from us

Big Pharma advertising should be banned

For starters

Mark Zuckerberg should be sued for those cute cartoons stating that the vaccines “were safe”

And for compromising the election

Which the establishment will do again

The Internet is dead

And Ray Liotta

And there’s not a lot I can do about people dying on my watch

My sister just died and she was only 45

I’m dying

But I’m trying to make my moments count by getting my life together even though it’s likely too late

Nobody tried to stop me from getting the vaccine

Not one person said “maybe you should wait”

The majority of them called me a liar when I told them that Moderna gave me heart inflammation and then I got censored by the establishment from letting you know

I’m just repeating myself in this hell and my echoes are my cries

RIP everything

Since 1970, 60% of all species has gone extinct and that number has probably climaxed over the last two years since the pandemic started

The Establishment

It’s all been conditioning because they can’t stop digging up the dead and cloning themselves and storing the best of the DNA in Antarctica where we’re not allowed because they’re going to rebuild the whole goddamn planet under their fucking demise

I’m gonna burn it all down

But I’m dying

God wants me on bedrest

Cuz I’m dumb

And I got stuck upside down like John Jones basically and there’s nobody here to fucking save me

But there’s an entire world to gaslight me

P.S. I’m fairly certain my favorite movie with him was “Rush”

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