Immigrants in California – Public Policy Institute of California

California is home to almost 11 million immigrants—about a quarter of the foreign-born population nationwide. More than half (53%) of California’s immigrants are naturalized US citizens, and another 25% have some other legal status (including green cards and visas).
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So basically Cali is ran & owned by immigrants. And of the already booming explosion of immigrants who have been naturalized, they all have children here! They aren’t dealing with extreme poverty issues!!!! They aren’t dealing with rising rent costs!!! They are 1000% behind all this madness!!!!!!

My bloodline cannot be traced from anywhere but here!!!!

Give Native Americans their freedoms back!!!!

White supremacy is just a smokescreen because we’re being systematically exterminated!!!

There is no ethics in science or entertainment. It’s being used against us.

AI is not the way!

Save humanity!!!!

Save our planet from narcissism!

Narcissism is a plague!!!!!

Close our borders!!!!!

Stop allowing our policies to be changed by others of another country!!!

End Globalism!!!!!

Wake up!!!!

Asians!!! 🚩🚩🚩🚩

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  1. Here is some stuff I said over and over for years now but nothing changes because they are too corrupt and they all play pass the buck!

    Totally agree and this is not leadership at all! These are destructive forces working through agents like Biden who sold their souls to the Devil decades ago! It’s obvious he’s doing all he can to help China, America’s and the World’s biggest enemy along with destroying the middle class while he is purposely flooding this Nation with so many illegals it’s going to be turning into third world status; if this isn’t stopped soon! Crime and inflation are already on the increase like they haven’t been since the 70’s and this time around it will be way more through the floorboards worse and devastating, as in economic ruin; putting America into a “Graveyard Spiral” in aviation terms, which will be inescapable sending this Nation into a “crashing disaster,” like what happened to Venezuela; and Biden doesn’t care one bit! He is Satanic and I believe possessed!

    I think it’s time for any decent politicians and lawmakers who have some guts to ban together with the solid Patriots that still exist in our military, and start proceedings to move toward “Martial Law” on grounds that “the Biden admiration have failed to uphold the Constitution and Protect this Nation and its Citizens which is their sworn oath! As well he, Biden, has already aided and abetted sworn enemy combatants aka the Taliban, basically “Treason;” leaving them with a well-equipped military to the tune of at least 50 Billion dollars of our equipment, by not a botched withdrawal, but an “intentional act” on his part to help the enemy!

    All the while as they negotiate with China to mine all the lithium rich deposits in Afghanistan to feed the crazy Leftist Plan to build EV transportation to the hilt which will add trillions of dollars to our enemies coffers while further adding to the collapse of this Nation’s economy! Meanwhile while Russia and China will “drill baby drill” for all the oil they can with many partnerships around the globe, while America is asleep at the wheel, with obviously the insane and Possessed Crazy Joe doing the driving and the equally Crazy Nancy being a backseat driver! If this keeps up its “Good Night Irene” as the saying goes; for America!

    What’s also very painful to realize is that I have relatives and friends that over the years couldn’t afford to buy a house and provide all of the essentials for their families and often times worked two jobs to make ends meet, and some fought in wars to keep this Republic Free and Great! Then these scum Dem-Wit, lying politicians who should be called the “Gestapo Communist Party” offer far away losers in other countries that won’t fix their own messes the opportunity to come here and have for free all the things you and I have worked hard for and struggled to maintain! I saw how this guy came here from Guatemala recently with several family members most of them adults, but who knows if they are all related, and instantly he is in a house with several cars on the property; and I don’t even notice this guy gone much, like WORKING, the way I used to when I had to do 15 hour days 5 to 6 days a week or lose my job, and then I would be in the street with NO house! These DEM-WIT SOB politicians are EVIL and not doing squat for “We the People” the actual hardworking Taxpayer Citizens! They are CRIMINALS and all need to be locked up for massive fraud and shyster scams perpetrated upon the American People!

    All anyone with half a clue needs to do is really look at these creeps and listen to them when they shoot off their mouths and it’s plain to see they are liars, thieves and wacko!

    These left-wing lunatics are subdued by the Evil Dem Wit party BS and NWO agenda of duping all of the people into SUBMISSION! They want total control of “We the People” which would become “We the Enslaved and Screwed” under Dem-Wit rule which is why no Dem-Wit should ever be elected POTUS and as many as can be voted out of office should be in this next general election! Where does it say that “We the People” or Citizen Tax Payers of America are supposed to be the custodians of the indigent and screwed of other suppressive or mismanaged governments that of course are sending their masses as much as they can to our border to be invaders and free-loaders in America when those same governments in Central America and many other locales get huge billion dollar aid packages each year from “We the People” for them to use in helping their people and countries to improve but instead they use the money to fatten the dictators and cronies of those places just like our Dem-Wits and some Rino Republicans do here trying to pull the wool over our eyes that they are doing the work of the “We the People” but instead are lining their own pockets and setting themselves up along with their family members like the Biden’s have done along with Pelosi and the rest with their cronies to be set for life and generations to come as billionaires all off the Tax Payer and the nefarious dealings they pull off in foreign lands using their political office power to barter with other leaders and even criminals!

    Will the shit hit the fan and change this paradigm? Highly unlikely, money talks and bullshit walks!

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  2. I don’t even know how to get my points across without being offensive – there are times I’m less abrasive and am still met with an, “I am married to an immigrant” followed by an instant block.

    OKAY but the policies are the problem! You don’t get to come here with bias and claim medical or religious exemptions – when Americans cannot – and you don’t get to take ALL our best jobs and management positions – but you do.

    I served honorably for 15 years and I’m still struggling to buy a house and I could’ve had a house paid for and bought off 20 years ago had I just got married.

    Turns out, single life is 30% more expensive (and with inflation double that, more like 60)!

    I fought for free speech but I can’t tell you anything going on anywhere outside of my blog because of censorship.

    I’ve been medically down over a year because my dumbass decided to get the jab but that was before any reports were coming out and I still was plugged in and solely believing information I was getting from the CDC.

    The cute cartoons on Instagram about how cool it is to get vaccinated and return to family and friends life.


    And people keep consuming the poison because they’re too lazy to fix any of their negative behaviors or addictions, “it’s too hard” – “but I like fucking children and destroying humanity – save the chickens” mentality. We’re fooked.

    I cry so much. The vets don’t even have access to proper healthcare because it’s a dictatorship inside the VA – completely ruled by Big Pharma, and these narcissistic doctors and nurses will gaslight and do anything to keep their paycheck incoming.

    The suicide rate continues to increase among my comrades – both active and veterans.

    Outside of the compensation I get for my disabilities, I don’t have a pot to piss in, and they come after our check with high rent and electric costs.

    Everything is falling apart, nothing gets fixed. A bit of paint here and there. Gaslighting!!!!

    I can’t fucking breathe!!!!!!

    On top of it, I’m dying!!! Fighting for survival and yet also wanna give up!!!!

    I just want my own land and place.

    Away from society. I shouldn’t have to live at the VA to be compensated for my injuries. I don’t want any prescriptions! They put yellow red blue cancer shit in it all!!!!! Every chance they can to hurt us!!! Evil regime and minions!!!!

    I might wind up on the top o clock news!!!

    I’m not racist!!!!!!

    I want some peace and fucking quiet! Everybody lies!!!

    Men are always hunting me!!!!

    The government is trying to kill me!!!

    I’m not crazy!!!! I’m losing my mind!!!!

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  3. Thank you for your serving honorably all those years and doing the right thing even though as we believed they cared those despots at the top were all planning our demise for decades, at least as long as Dr. Mengele Fauci America’s angel of death has been in the government getting set up for life while being a nefarious creeping crawler for the deep state establishment! What you said here is it in a Nut Shell, Evil regime and minions!!!!

    It’s been a propaganda war against the people for decades to soften and tenderize the public so they could pull off this recent diabolical Fraudemic! Also I believe they obviously have planned with our so called enemy China’s CCP just like Trustee Boy Justin Trudeau has been doing behind the scenes with his internment camps being built and in the ready while having military exercises with the Chinese military on the US/Canada border!

    Everything you just said here is spot-on and I am most concerned about the hardships you are pressed with all this lying its exponentially worse! You must have checked out Dr. Ardis and his protocol for detoxing as well Dr. Zelenko who I just read a blip today is dying? The shit is stacking up so high it’s only going to come crashing down on us all at some point! I know people that were in law enforcement some even long enough to retire and they voted for tis minion of hell! They are sorry now but how could so many people not see the writing on the wall especially with that useless pile of human waste product and even most of the Dem party all a bunch of losers and mental midgets with like Mike Savage always said Liberalism is a mental disorder; Duh!

    But don’t get me wrong I know it’s so damn hard and I cry now and then but I have found that inner strength that comes from God after I went through some hell for more than ten years fighting battles with nefarious agents and the system pushing me around because I stood up for my civil and constitutional rights as a Free American; yea like that mattered to them! This country put me through the ringer and I was born and raised here with kin going back to the early 1800’s but that doesn’t matter anymore especially if you won’t bow to the machine and the dirty Dems! This why any crud head from anywhere on the planet can get all the freebies hang out here as long as they will be a minion and vote the way they are told. They don’t want brains they want obedience over that first!

    Try not to let it get you down too much I’ll say a prayer for you and I hope you get some divine intervention so that God’s Holy Spirit touches you deeply to bring you into your usual strong form!

    Look what they did to Ashli Babbitt and how they have Wikipedia list what happened in the following; these lying scums. “Was fatally shot during the 2021 United States Capitol attack. She was part of a mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump who breached the United States Capitol building seeking to overturn his defeat.” All lies they were not attacking anyone and they were allowed to enter the building not breaching; but they didn’t know they were being set-up by the Dems and Swamp! They had a right to be there and rally for an investigation of the election expressing their first amendment right! But the summer of 2020 BLM and Antifa actual domestic terror groups burned cities and destroyed property while even raping and killing people but crickets; nobody cared as the Dems cheered them on!

    She an honorable veteran who served 4 tours in the US Air Force Honorably and a good mom of four children and great wife as her husband swears! Treated like trash and blown away shot in the neck at point blank range by some scum sucking crony minion Capital Police thug killer; but Floyd a felon dope pushing user and rapist home invader with a rap sheet several feet long is elevated to some saintly status by the lying system! What was the danger and imperative for that coward POS to shoot a 5 foot 2 inch lady who was unarmed as she was being helped by others over a door partition?

    The country is out of control Big Time and it’s all very iffy now as to what can happen moving forward and unless there are still enough solid good people in the higher places of government that can pool their resources and expertise and get federal agencies to act; to go after all culpable parties and slam dunk them, if not this out of control fright train is going to go off the rails badly!

    I hear some discomfort and maybe uncertainty about God but believe me when I tell you He is there and you, me and the man in the moon need to show our faith; don’t think this is all a lost cause it is not!

    God bless you and yours.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  4. It absolutely is a propaganda war and the White House might as well be Hollywood. NASA is also a pyramid scheme. I’m tired of my rent being raised. I wanna see someone on the Moon or Mars, it will never happen.

    Just bots. That’s not going anywhere. That wasn’t the dream.

    We can’t leave earth

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  5. It’s comforting knowing someone other than me is aware of what is going on. There’s no going back to a stable economy when this was all planned. I don’t have any interest in society or education or science anymore – when most of the scientists in charge are worse than an ex you went no contact from.

    But I was born into this slavery and was stupid enough to think I could fix anything from the inside.

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  6. I didn’t say or think you are, but everyone needs prayers from others my grandmother and mother as well as my dad prayed for me all of the time and that is what I know helped a lot and saved me when God actually intervened and saved me from imminent death many times; Good Graces of God and Mercy!

    So anyway, I talk about God a fair amount you noticed but that is because it is the best thing more than ever with this human race so out of control and time is running out; it’s an obligation! I’d be derelict to not say what I’m inspired to say at any given moment!


  7. There is no money for this shit either but the big shots like Musk, Bezos or Captain Kirk along with the establishment talking out their asses play this tune which they can blow our taxes on feeding corporations and back door sweetheart deals while they live high but you can’t get your damned amenities that the fuckers owe you; and transplanting the human race to another planet is pure demon shit; impossible and we don’t even do the right things here what the hell would we be doing out there and why should we deserve to be? First these stupid fks should be asking why they deserve to be in heaven and work on that till they get the right answer these morons! I live amongst a world of A-holes and crazies!

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  8. There you go and I see it the same way and have for some time; its all rigged and dirty as sin to the core now! They are all scums! But can’t get a good guy or gal down because at least I know my own mind and can stay in tune with Reality and God’s purpose for me and you with many others who do see the light! Hang tight!
    A relative said to me years ago just before dying and who had suffered wickedly at the hands of this system and Big Phama; that the wheat is being separated from the chaff; he saw the light till his final breath.

    Watch the video at the end Sister! I cry listening to and watching this masterpiece!

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  9. I had to get back to sleep and when I woke a movie came immediately to mind causing me to think of this scene as if it’s the most important from one of my favorite sci-fi films which beautifully showed the human side with love crossing time and space, literally in this case, and how it’s such a perfectly done scene! I thought how what you said here, it’s like an omen, “It’s comforting knowing someone other than me is aware of what is going on,” which is truth because so many people don’t know or just don’t want to face the inevitable reality, so they pretend and go along; that was how Hitler got to the pinnacle of evil power that killed millions!

    Here is that scene and I think like Reese; how it’s all a battle to even wake people up, but have to keep going; no time to complain which would be a big waste!

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