Most men aren’t men but dictators (red flags)

Do you know how many intolerable men I’ve had to suffer through from their heavy hand and rule – which plays absolutely zero baring on shaping my reality or outcome

I’m still going to replenish my iron

I still denounce Christianity

The more you beat me and scold me the less I think of you or want to marry ๐Ÿ‘€



There’s a reason that many women are ready to start a movement and have an area completely free of men and we’re not even gay

It’s because you’re insane with your rules and regulations over us

Do this, wear this, eat this, pray this way, worship what I want or suffer all consequence


I’m bored of man

I’m bored of the devil – he’s just a parasite and you need to deworm you psychopaths

Homecooked by me with love and olive oil, organic milk, eggs, spices, potatoes, beans, time/energy (not spit). I’m learning not to waste in my house. Not 1 potato went bad this time. None of the supply this month has gone to waste. Watching my spending and my footprints. Plugging all the holes. If I can get my shit together, God might reward me with land and a house (or sleep shed). God still rewards me whether man does or not ๐Ÿ‘€

I’m on a different spiritual journey than you

Aliens aren’t real


I’m not even playing the game of society anymore

America is a corporation and just like any corporation it has a President

The cockroaches have taken over

They love spreading their filth

John Jones is still down here with me

It’s okay that you wouldn’t eat from my kitchen (tho you fuck children you monster)

I’d rather make up my own fairytales and believe in them

“Your mind makes it real”

But forcing your ridiculous ideologies on everybody – and murdering in the name of God, is narcissism

It’s a plague

You’re sick

Deworm yourself

Next up on my detox journey and it’s vegan

I know how to kill the devil ๐Ÿ‘€

And I denounce anything this establishment is trying to sell

Whatever has been taught – was wrong and the opposite

Game over – the establishment has lost

They are literally ruling through force now

They are bullies

I unplugged and realized the entire government is a fraud – and as a Soldier you don’t know how that breaks you – unless you are a Soldier – and the suicide rate continues to increase among my comrades and I’m fucking fighting for my life

The Bible is from a location that everything seems to be made from

“Made in India, Mexico, China”

Now they own Twitter and are news reporting

I’m learning to cook again tho

And cooking with olive oil out of stainless steel is not easy

I did goods

The fact that I crawled out of bed to cook

It’s ridiculous that it’s 2022 and free speech and free thought DO NOT EXIST, especially if you are a WOMAN

And you think I want to marry someone who’s going to control how I eat or dress or talk or pray to God

Fucking delusional

I’d rather dieeeeee alone

I’m beyond sick of men or science telling me what to do *rant over*

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