Dear ladies, they cheat with intention & malice

You should know these men worship the porn stars

They use fleshlights and virtual reality

And then settle for “us” and beat the shit out of us in dissatisfaction cuz it’s not the lifestyle they want

They fuck our children no matter the sex

These monsters hide behind that book that was made from over there

You know how everything is always from India China or Mexico, well that’s who owns you and that’s where that fucking Bible comes from and that’s where all the porn comes from

The establishment is laughing at you

The divorce rate is why I never married and porn is a huge issue because they all cheat and I watched in the military happily married men go cheat on their wives in groups and say that this was how they “maintained a happy marriage” by “cheating”

And so no I couldn’t hang out with them on “guy’s night out”

They all went to cheat on their wives that I had to face every fucking day and never say a word, I had to share meals with them knowing they were fucking being cheated on

I’m not going to out my battle buddies

Soldiers have a different set of morals

We share foxholes together and secrets

I thought that I could make some sort of difference you know working inside the government and getting my degree in psychology and I thought that I could be a light for people but I have only been darkness

I can’t change anything

I can’t free myself from these societal chains

I don’t want to die from suicide

I don’t want to get into a relationship with somebody where I give 1000% of myself only for them to drain me until I’m nobody and they immediately divorce me and get with somebody else

These monsters change who we are, our identity, they break us at a young age and these beasts work in gangs to hurt us through our lifespans

Look how society treats women who breast-feed and are free thinkers



They rule with a heavy hand!

They don’t want women in charge of anything!!!

Artificial insemination everywhere!!! Check the stats!

And then compare that to all the women who rip out their ovaries and rip out their breast, prematurely aging them and then they buy all those products that also prematurely ages them

Why have y’all all gone gray or bald already

You’re only old at 40 because of the lifestyle you’ve been sold

Women can have children until 50 – probably longer if left to evolve

My grandmother was 42ish when she had her 12th and final child

My sister just died at 45

The Establishment are using Americans to make their own countries and families live happy and free

I served my country honorably for 15 years and a war just for the immigrants to come over here and to take all our best jobs and management positions and I was affected by the government hiring freezes and the government furloughs and the suicide rate continues to increase though you call me a fucking racist πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

You need to turn off the propaganda

Why should a job be staring at a fucking computer monitor like 60-90 hrs a week and then you go home and they want you to be staring at a fucking computer screen even longer πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

So they can insert their cartoon filled propaganda

God isn’t coming to save you from these psychopaths, you need to wake up now and do something about it

It’s been going on 6000 years and now you believe the alien hype

I won’t even watch it!

It’s not real!

It’s a smokescreen!!!

Can anybody hear me?

Or no cuz you wanna keep fantasizing about unnatural things and ruling with a heavy hand cuz it’s easier to be a monster than human

You get off on destruction cuz you need to debug

You got parasites in you!!

Get control of your soul ship!

I’ve never cheated on anyone

I’ve never pretended to be a person that I was not to get free rent and free sex off of another individual and that should be illegal

I wonder how less people would be living on the edge or in fear or in fight or flight mode 24/7 without the circulation of porn

We all know it easily could be censored

Instead, they are now working in teams to kidnap women and children

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