They swore an oath

Let’s start examining the diagnosis between Americans (real Americans, not those that have been naturalized) and that of the immigrants

Guarantee there will be a difference 👀

And of all the people that have been killed under the healthcare system, how many of them have been Americans versus immigrants

One of the leading causes of death in America is medical malpractice, but we sign forms exonerating them from any damages

Sure we signed a form but they swore an oath

These monsters are getting away with murder

Healthcare is deathcare

Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical’s from India, all these diseases and illnesses – manmade

The establishment love digging up the dead and cloning themselves!!!

They serve AI

Artificial insemination, artificial everything!!!

It’s disgusting!!

In the name of science!

Anytime I hear “we know”, “scientists say”, it’s full of shit!!!

Stop speaking for me!!!!

We need to take our country back!

I don’t actually want to be divided but until the propaganda that is forced on us is fixed, things will only get worse

They’re stealing our land!!!!

Science is compliance!!!

All hail the GREAT WALL OF DECEIT!!!


Living doesn’t need to be so miserable!

These monsters have no soul!!

They have ZERO REMORSE!!!


The healthcare system is just a fancy sacrificial ceremony where souls are harvested to Satan

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