I decline with logic and sound reasoning

If the Bible came from a land that wasn’t from where everything comes from and the establishment wasn’t trying to push their agenda so much, then there would be a slight chance that I might believe in your fucking fairytales

I do not

It was extremely hard for you to push your logic on me, even at five years of age I knew it was bullshit

All of it

Cuz everyone just did what they were told

And my sister lied a lot

I got in trouble for her lies

Imagine just losing a blood sister but telling your own flesh and blood that you are relieved because you don’t have to deal with the toxicity anymore

That’s how bad these narcissist are and they’re getting away with everything that they’re doing because narcissism is legal

It’s OK for the government to lie but if you do it you’re gonna burn in hell for all eternity!!!!

Narcissism 101

And just because you denounce Christianity or the Bible does not mean you denounce God

I did not come from Asia, India, or Mexico, nor did my God

The Bible is a Pyramid scheme

The Great Wall of Deceit


Tyranny is knocking on your door

You do porn don’t you?

You’re literally lost and I should leap from a bridge now

Instead I’m learning to enjoy starving and prison life, so you can enjoy virtual reality and porn

It won’t be long you will be able to order your very own sex robot and get married to it because fuck humanity!!!

And yesterday I had five dollars stolen from me because I went to the ice cream truck and ordered shaved ice and he gave me a snow cone and even though the package said sno cone on it, he yelled at me that it was shaved ice 👀

And so my “treat” sits in the near empty freezer

That’s cancer right there

And gaslighting clear as day

$5 fucking dollars for a cone, get the fuck out

You better enjoy that $5 cuz it’ll be the last

Fucking demons

I ain’t gonna cry about it but I damn sure will bitch

Another neighbor warned me, “it ain’t worth it”

Now, me and the neighbors agree on something, this ice cream truck ain’t worth our business

We got a certain truck that normally comes around here and this one was new

Lesson learned

Only do business with folks you trust

Another man yelling at me that what was in my hand was something it was not


All hail Asia

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