So I might lose my account on Instagram

I woke up to an email by Mark Zuckerberg threatening to remove my Instagram account again for a video I posted over 18 months ago that contains less than 30 seconds of background music with me working out

Five minutes later I watched a man get murdered on Instagram

Warning: don’t watch unless you want to see a man get murdered on Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg is threatening to remove my account for working out with background music but it’s OK to murder somebody

My video is blocked from view but a murder IS NOT

There will be NO WARNING when Mark Zuckerberg decides to remove my account

So if one day you wake up and see that my account is completely void just know that either A: I’m having a fucking meltdown or B: more than likely Mark Zuckerberg took access away for no reason at all other than that he’s a fucking psychopath

So I guess Mark Zuckerberg is pissed off he spent $10 billion on the Metaverse that nobody wants to fucking join

And I’m being punished for it!!!

Hate crimes against humanity!!!

Working out to background music is a no no and it was a 30 second or less clip but murdering somebody on an Instagram reel is fucking trendy

I want to cut his dick off and I don’t want to throw it out the window like Loreena Bobbitt did, I wanna shove it down his fucking throat with my foot, I wanna kick it down there and bust all his teeth out in the process πŸ‘€

But one of my fans sent me a small donation and I was able to buy some medicine otherwise I’d be out for another week or so but now I’ve got some arriving on Friday and maybe I can get through this goddamn fucking insanity

So thank you for caring about me! Medicine and food is extremely important to me during my detox and healing journey

The cost of living has gone up everywhere and my electricity and food costs is already through the roof

Rent went up again too!!! And it was more than 7%!!!

It makes me sad though because someone else came along asking me if I could help them and they sent me pictures of how thin they were and like I literally can’t help anybody financially πŸ‘€

I’m on the same boat 😞

But I’m grateful for the meals that I am able to provide myself – most of it has been coming from the food banks that I haven’t been able to visit since my ride went down last month

Now my cousin doesn’t live very far down the road from me and she’s married and I’ve been to their home 1 billion times, I’ve ate dinner and they know my vehicle is broken down but nobody gives a fuck that I have heart inflammation and I’m dying

They like to observe me and talk about me as if they know everything about my life and they don’t fucking know shit

Her husband had the audacity to ask me if that even been to war and like duh

I’m just done with my bloodline

But I will invite any one of you to come over here and go through my 15 years of service in the Army and you will fucking see without a doubt that I am a war veteran, not to mention there’s at least 159 people still alive that can verify that I was there with them in Iraq and Kuwait

It’s just ridiculous that I don’t even have a fucking identity in my own goddamn bloodline and they make me wanna jump from a fucking bridge

So can we please change the subject

Uncle Sam is paying me compensation for my injuries and it pisses them off because they have a house to pay off

They’re not appreciative of the one thing I fucking desire


The thing I fought and served my country for

You know how insulting it is to have your cousin who is only your cousin through marriage say to you, “you haven’t even been to war have you”


There are news articles and photographs

I have awards and medals

I don’t owe anyone any goddamn explanations about my fucking life

Not one of them were there for me when I delivered a baby, not one of them ever even acknowledge my birthday and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done things for that family, like when she got pregnant with her son and I sent her a card and $50 all the way from Germany οΏΌ

I never even got a thank you card/letter/phone call


I am the scapegoat

My family is extremely toxic and I want to change the subject now, I am working with my therapist to change who I am because I don’t wanna be anything like how they taught me to be

I don’t like my family about as much as I don’t like Mark Zuckerberg – how about that

So yeah the Jeep is still down despite capable family who COULD HELP

But naw

My account is going to get removed for fucking working out but other people can post murders

Everyone believes that my family is so warm and charming and I’m the biggest piece of shit in the world!!!

Woo hoo!!!!

I do blame my parents for the world problems and Mark Zuckerberg as well

He’s allowing murders on his platform but not people to work out with background music

And I checked the TOS and my video didn’t get limited, it got straight up blocked

For content that’s over 18 months old

And I don’t even know if I want to bother appealing or deleting the video

I don’t have the option to go in and edit it and remove the one part of the post because it was a 10 part post and only that last part contained her fucking 30 second clip

I’ll never listen to that fucking song again πŸ‘€

Anyhoo love and light

But if you wake up one day and my Instagram account is gone, it’s not because I’m being EMO, it’s because Mark Zuckerberg is a psychopath 🚩

America is a corporation ran by a president and we are owned by China, India, and Mexico, where all our deliveries come from and they also took all of our best jobs according to the official stats because this isn’t fucking opinion…

And even if it was an opinion, I’m a soldier so that makes me an expert on what’s fucking going on with policies and politics

I’m still a super soldier whether I’m wearing my uniform or not

What you need to remember is I am still a soldier and still considered a soldier under the United States government – I am just in VETERAN status

And there are many many many many many people who want to make you self-destruct or lose your benefits

They fucking hate us and they’re killing off their own people now πŸ‘€

By the way, one of my neighbors said to me, “I know you never owned a slave” so he doesn’t need to worry if/when I go John Wick on the racist neighborhood

I’m not racist but I’m contending with people who are and also have no morals no ethics no conscious no fucking soul

Basically turn off your TV

Go watch that murder on Instagram about 25 times like I’ve already done, that way you’ll have the courage to not leave your fucking house and go do anything or get in any kind of argument because they will fucking pop you without thinking twice

Pick and choose your battles wisely and for the love of God if you’re in the middle of a fight- don’t fucking give away your weapon


I just wanted some shaved ice, instead somebody got murdered and I got penalized

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