Three words of advice


Get on it!

P.S. got my shaved ice today!!! From the best ice-cream truck in town! 🍧

I’m still detoxing on the above! If you have ANY medical problems, detox detox detox!

I also recommend Apple Cider Vinegar daily!

My Primary Care doctor wrote down the detox! He’s Asian and smart! I’m onto something!

Thank you John Jones for the tip up! Breathing better! 🥰

Improving everyday and getting ready to do a metal flush along with some other remedies with the BWW.

Got IBS? Black Walnut Wormwood

Got cancer? Black Walnut Wormwood

Got depression? Black Walnut Wormwood

Sugar cravings? Black Walnut Wormwood

Mucous? Black Walnut Wormwood

Skin issues? Black Walnut Wormwood

Never dewormed though other countries do twice a year? Black Walnut Wormwood

Need to do an exorcism? Black Walnut Wormwood

Life saving shit

I ❤️ John Jones (he’s saving my life I swear)

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