The truth is

I’ve denounced man-made religion and you need to accept that I don’t want to be part of your cult

The Bible has been rewritten so many times and it serves Lucifer

It’s obvious porn, the Bible, and this Government “in God we trust” is an illusion, it’s a lie

Spread by the Great Wall of Deceit

Who serve AI, a dark entity

Fallen Angel technology

God gave me eyes to see

We are not living free

It’s time to unplug now

I don’t want you to burn

I come from this part of the land

This is where I stand

Globalism and immigration has decimated my tribe, my bloodline, Native American

That same government now says breastfeeding is UNNATURAL

They are doing everything they can to further segregate us from our roots

And the truth

They want to chip you

Recently my insurance went up due to inflation, insurance is already a scam, I’ve never filed for an accident, and wanted to know how I could save – and their solution was to install an app that tracks me 24/7, learning my migration routes, who I’m visiting, where I’m going, how long I’ve stayed.

ESPIONAGE – get fooked

I’m ready to sell my TV and my phone but they are forcing a digital age on us and that should be illegal

Computers don’t have feelings!!! Stop being conditioned by these demons!!!

Turn off the propaganda!!!

Go outside!!!

Stop rubbing and forcing your sins ALL OVER MY REALITY


You don’t get to play narcissist and burn me at the stake because I don’t want to bow down to you, what you say, or your dictatorship

Your leadership sucks

You all rule with a heavy hand

You’ve been conditioned

There are so many women coming out of marriages that will say they will never get married again but men will get married several times, they don’t hesitate to wait to get married because they know a wife will take care of them and now most women want a wife too because we’ve carried the weight of this insanity

Not only are you losing at the game of life, but you’re losing at humanity

Why is it so hard for you under all that indoctrination to see that it was written from our enemy

To control all time and energy

Turn the people into bots, censor the truth, indoctrination, in generations to come, Science can claim us as being the maker

Asia with their great lead from all the gaslighting

The Great Wall of Deceit and the recent influx of immigrants to our states

California and New York is now owned by the immigrants – and they vote – and eventually republicans will be washed out demoncrats

They keep twitching our policies to fit their own evil agenda and this isn’t the country I fought for or the policies

The ones yelling at me screaming that I’m gonna burn in hell for not doing what they say are the ones committing sins and atrocities

In the name of God

Science is just another dogma

There’s no room for critical thinking

And stop saying “the scientists say”, “we know”, you don’t know shit

If they are still recovering DNA from dinosaurs, then the dinosaurs didn’t die out as long ago as you were taught, then that means the date it is entirely wrong, the way they measure the data is entirely wrong and there’s new evidence coming out that the stars are actually closer to us and this is from scientist not gossip

The establishment have a treaty in Antartica with a DNA storage – that’s too much power

The Great Reset

They are going to keep tweaking humanity until we obey them just like they keep tweaking the DNA of the cows so that we can eat them

They’re not scientist, they are soul-sucking demons who only serve a dark entity

They rule with gaslighting, lovebombing, and triangulation.

Just like most monsters do!

Gaslighting on the labels should be illegal!

Lying on labels to deceive you to purchase something in society

When I was in college earning my psychology degree they told us that they use subliminal messaging at the grocery stores (and that also should be illegal)

“You will not steal”

“You will buy this”

Has one thought of yours ever been your own?

Why are you fighting so hard for a 6000 year old system of slavery?

Because you don’t want to die alone?

I mean, you have turned off most of all women from being in a relationship with a man because men have proven time and time again that they only want a mother

They don’t put any effort in at all

But you know behind the scenes they are talking and chatting it up with these porn stars – that aren’t just in nude magazines anymore – they can actually talk to them and buy them things on their wishlist and watch them wear the things that they buy them while they get gangbanged 👀

That’s the life they want…

The primal side of their brain is activated

This isn’t civilization!

Porn rots your brain!

There’s direct evidence that TV and games hurt the brain

And I’ve had to get off of most entertainment because they are intentionally designing it to cause brain injuries and I already have one

The quick jerking movements and flashing lights – no good

Causes lots of bad stuff

The millennial generation can’t even live without their Fitbits and I am from the generation where we played outside for fun

Our children are gone

They serve AI

It’s not too late to save yourself

The Source wants you to win

Signing off…

I hope you enjoy your weekend

I’ve got some medicine arriving today to get me through the aches and pains

And that was only possible because someone made a donation to me

Not embarrassed to say that I live paycheck to paycheck and have all my life even though I worked three jobs and had a degree

I never got married so my bills were never split

Men always got to live rent free from me while they cheated on me and I gave and put everything into the fucking relationships

The establishment have done a great job segregating men from female – there are clear differences – we do think differently

I know you think that you can take a pill from big Pharma and just change identity

These Pedophiles will do anything to get close to the children

You’re repulsed by me huh?

“Touch a woman after her period and you will be dirty for two weeks”


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