Three Sisters for Florida – Gardening Solutions

Corn, beans, and squash grown together are known as the three sisters, on your solution for Florida-Friendly gardening from the University of Florida’s Center for Land Use Efficiency.
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My credit score continues to improve, as it went up another 15 points. I’m determined to own me some land. The VA will allow you to use your COE to buy a Mobile home now too.

A little land, a little home. Taxes are cheaper on non-permanent buildings and structures.

Dying but I still have goals. My own little garden. A campfire. A grill. Sleep sheds for starters. And tents. A greenhouse.

The corn, beans, and squash sounds delish. You can grow all sorts of stuff in Florida.

I’m gonna keep digging and researching the best stuff to plant. Wanna start off easy too.

I want some watermelons, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. A few herbs.


The basics!!!

Wouldn’t mind some rescue chickens – so I could ask for their eggs πŸ₯š

Fresh farm egg.


claps heels I wanna go home

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  1. I dig medieval stuffs! I have a tattoo of my medieval astrology sign! My first tattoo I got in Texas during AIT (advanced individual training) (i was in med school learning to be a medic)

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  2. Yes I was! Medical Specialist / Combat Medic / EMT – the MOS changed 3 times while I was in. 91C/91B/68W and then later reclassed and took on a 2nd MOS as a 88N Transportation Management Coordinator πŸ‘

    15 years of hard service plus deployed to war as a combat medic during OEF/OIF πŸ‘


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