So my vehicle is kinda working again (maybe)

Get this

The battery cable connection was corroded

I got a jump this evening

It held a charge

The deadline to return the part was June 25

Not only did I potentially buy a part I did not need for my vehicle, I also spent money on a storage unit to move when I just signed a one-year lease

I’m aware that you have a gambling and a porn addiction but I have poor decision-making with my brain injury

Somewhere deep inside of me I still think my starter is going out but it very well could’ve been the fact that the battery was corroded

The battery that I just bought “last year”

It turns out “last year” was actually 2019 and things don’t last like they did before

I’m not gonna beat myself up too much for having spent money on a part and a storage unit because apparently I don’t know if I’m coming or going

Alas, I have been dying

I don’t know squat about vehicles

But, I got my Jeep manual out and there’s a maintenance section

I’m gonna get familiar with it

I’m fixing my ship

The mothership and all my vessels

The heart, the bike, the Jeep

It’s tough out here, I’m winging it

Pro tip: Don’t spend money on a part until somebody else looks at your vehicle especially if you are not a fucking mechanic and I don’t care how many times you Google or go to YouTube which is what I was trying to do to fix it myself – which is what other people are telling me to do on TikTok and by the way – my video is going viral over there

I don’t know why it’s getting so many comments, hearts, and views. It’s already had a share and save.

Damsel in distress 🤪

Full link:

I was having a hard time keeping up with the comments and the messages coming in but I really appreciate all the feedback and the tips that I have been getting!

Some have offered to help for free! Appreciate!!!

Y’all, I potentially bought a part I don’t even need.

I am just SO HAPPY she’s running again! 🤪

But if I were in a relationship or married, that would probably be like grounds for divorce, he would probably divorce me for having spent money on a part I didn’t even fucking need even though he spends money on hookers and blow

My neighbor was swift to react when my hood went up

He drinking that beer tho

He said he might be a number of thangs

My vehicle might not be fixed and I might still need the part so it’s 50-50 at this point

Really amazed by the amount of people responding to my “call for action”

I was stuck in quicksand and all I needed to do was crawl out

God doesn’t even know what to make of me sometimes

“Where is she going now” 👀

*strikes mountain*

Jesus: “I thought you said you knew where you were going”

Me: yeah well you didn’t say the earth was going to be spinning either now did you

(In fact, The Bible says the earth is flat)

We are not having this discussion now!

I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, so the lesson to be learned is that I need to be still


I’m unease

So, learning to be still

And better maintenance on my body and Jeep

Dying has been a big hill to climb

I love my Jeep tho

And my bike

And my handle bar IS crooked but she drives so well

She’s been carrying a heavy ass dog on her, she needs a little TLC

One person commented that I was a girl and I should go to YouTube that fixing a starter is easy

I don’t even know how to put my bra on correctly on some days because of my brain injury but what does my sex have to do with it though – like I’m out here trying to fix my vehicle and I’m buying shit for it I don’t even need

That’s what going to Google and YouTube will fucking do

I should’ve just went out there like I did today and put the hood up and posted a fucking video asking for help

I’m still getting floods of comments coming in, so my account is getting some activity

The wheels are turning again

Thanks for all the positive feedback coming in! Truly appreciate it!

If you’ve ever been a car owner, you know how much of a pain in the ass it is when your wheels go down, so it’s great to see that many of us still have that “come together” attitude to help one another out when times get going tough…

I guess my new starter will just become an heirloom

How much do you love/hate me now?

I’m attached to my ride. Folks say she looks damn good for her age

Needs a good washing

I do try and take care of my stuff

I’ve posted some video replies on the TikTok!

I need a hot bath and will go at it again in the morning!

It’s possible I gotta buy a new battery again!

This establishment is insane!

Hopefully back driving on the beach soon!


The Sun!!!


P.S. If you don’t know how to ask for help, just go open up your hood.

Google is not the answer

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