Bills are paid, fridge is full

I got all the bills paid, the Jeep fixed, and used Walmart Delivery again for my grocery shopping

I’m broke af but there’s water, eggs, cheese, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, yogurt, bread, mini pieeeeeee

I totally recommend Walmart delivery (not shipping) (shipping is good too but it’s a different thang)

I also went by the food banks and got a stash of stuff, and plan to hit up one or 2 more after the holiday, to get my cabinets full

Fixing my Jeep wiped me out but with that donation I was able to get food (and some nuts too)

Walmart is about the only place I can afford food currently, my water and bread is still a buck

They had fresh baked mini pumpkin, apple, & lemon pies for .74 ea

I got some 👀

I stayed within my budget and was able to get a sweet treat too, for the holiday

My fridge is full again

I probably shouldn’t have dairy at all while detoxing but I’m thin af

Broke. Got a half tank of gas but a new battery for the ride & a full fridge.

Getting another rent increase too – got a 2 month warning yesterday

Trying to be STILL

It costs an extra $50 monthly to rent this washer & dryer in my unit so they might be coming to get that soon and I may be air drying my clothes in the apartment 🤪

Or driving to a laundromat

I need my own land with clothing lines

There’s plenty of sunshine to dry for free

I’d rather sell all my clothes than to keep renting their washer and dryer and keep dealing with the high rent cost – and bi-annual rent increases

But half the amenities still don’t work

My apartment isn’t getting upgrades or fresh carpet/paint

The appliances aren’t new



I’ve got pie to help get me through the anxiety of the fireworks going off and rising rent costs 🤪

Hope y’all are staying safe and Happy Slavery day

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