I just got my third subscriber and I can’t breathe 🤪

And first comments! 👇

I’m having technical difficulties responding to the actual comments – but alas – I am taking note ✍️

Red thangs ✅

My hair also got a compliment and I like that very much cuz I grow it from my skull myself (it’s all real)

Glad you are enjoying the set!! 💋

Thank y’all for subscribing to my content! Super encouraging!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tomorrow is voting day and the Florida Primary Elections so I’ll be at the voting booth! Super important stuffs! Don’t wanna do it but gotta!

I signed up for the mail in ballot but naw – going to get my voting sticker suckers!!!

Casting my vote for Governor Ron DeSantis! 💪

That’s the only thing I know! The rest is anxiety!

Love my current Governor! Everyone wants him to run for presidency but he won’t let Florida go to the DEMONCRATS

He won’t let Florida go!!

Anyhoo, I gotta go stand in the COVID lines and cast my two cents!!!!



I’ll be back in the artsy world soon

Gotta go do political stuffs

Voting in state elections is very important, that’s how you get local laws passed, like how Florida can now have medicinal and prior criminals can vote (Florida – don’t know about other states but last election we voted to give them their rights back – we won – and 71% voted yes for medicinal Marijuana. I was part of that vote.


New account!

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