I hit the OnlyFans leaderboard!! Thank you!

My new OnlyFans just launched! I am overwhelmed by the amount of support! ❀️

Y’all put me on the leaderboard!!!!! 😻

Current position: TOP 66


I am so grateful that you appreciate my content and you keep me alive!!

I have more things planned!

I love making poetry and photography for you!!

It connects me to my purpose!

Your love and support is helping me grow as both a human and an artist, it means so much to me!

I swear my OnlyFans is better than therapy

It is a safe space for you and I

I will share progress updates with you

I have been SO self-conscious since stopping my resistance training and losing so much progress

Let’s be real, not only am I in hard-core therapy, but I’m also hard-core detoxing and I’ve lost a lot of weight

Still, with my heart condition present, I have to be careful because I am at risk of Adult Sudden Death syndrome but I have been getting in fitness walks, bike rides, and healthy eating.

I was terrified to post my body after losing so much of my progress and turning the big 4-4-0

The feedback I have received about my new set has been so encouraging

I struggle with self-esteem I reckon as much as anybody (I am not vain)

The fact that you respect me as an artist means so much

I studied drama and I’ve had a passion for photography my entire life, poetry as well

So to get the opportunity to do this with you, means the world xo

P.S. likes show up on my main profile page & will recommend my page to other users + it lets the creator (me) know which content you like (posts as well as individual photos inside the sets can be liked – so if you like a pose, or just the photo in general, the like lets me know (likes serve a purpose on OnlyFans, normally I don’t care about them on Instagram ect)

Your likes, your comments, your messages, they all have meaning πŸ‘

Your likes won’t be a waste of time or energy, that is all πŸ™Œ

Full link: https://onlyfans.com/poeeternal_sensual

P.S.S. I was in draft mode – went to preview – and WordPress decided to prematurely publish my post. It’s toxic. I hate the mistakes. It still frustrates me and makes me want to cry.

Sometimes I can’t escape the nightmare, because I keep crawling to it.

Doing the low-crawl

As if somehow it’s less dark on the very bottom

Me: I’m afraid of the dark

Also me: oh look, a big scary dark hole. *crawls inside πŸ‘€

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