Back rebounding! (Fitness)

DAY 1 restarting my fitness journey

That damn jab nearly took me out

But I was near dead and don’t like it much

I’m at risk for Adult Sudden Death Syndrome so need to pay close attention to my heart and body while doing resistance training

Rebounding is resistance training

I got my Gold’s Gym fitness rebounder from, it’s held out


I’ve been detoxing heavily over the last six months, completely changed my diet, cut out junk foods, white sugar, processed foods, stopped dairy for 2 of those, and lost a lot of cancer weight (over 18 pounds shed so far of toxic weight)

I may be in my 40s but I was in the military for 15 years and fitness has always been a part of my routine (I generally don’t let my body go)

A rebounder is all you need – the only gym equipment you need

The goal is 10 minutes a day

For now, I’m squeezing in what my heart will let me

It’s resistance – so just pushing down works the body

I’ll be sharing progress updates in my Instagram story while Mark Zuckerberg still allows me to have an account because I got in trouble last night on one of my accounts for showing a little bit too much I guess *whatever*

That photo now belongs to Mark Zuckerberg for his special folder (I want to cut his penis off)

I did in fact CANCEL my Amazon Prime subscription like I said I would (different guy but they all barbecue together)


If I share fitness videos on my blog it’ll take up all the space that I have so maybe I will create a YouTube but I don’t want to – I don’t want to support this fucking establishment πŸ™„



Many of you know that I’ve been living on food donations and going to the thrift stores and shopping the clearance aisle

That hasn’t changed…

I still have my hands on a lease and I’m not homeless at the moment so (no shame)

And I used up all my pennies to get my Jeep back up and running and now I have an extra part for her in case she needs it (I missed the return deadline by a mere few days)

My Jeep is about my age and does need some TLC so thank you for subscribing to my content

This gal is doing the most to stay alive!

The fridge is near empty again and I’m hovering payday in a week so can’t wait to stock up on more veggies for vegan soup

My belly is already growling for me to make another vegetable stew

And I got to get the red cabbage and wild blueberries and beets and all the things that the heart needs

Now I’m including seeds into my nut mix and that’s another hearty expense


And I always said that about soda but I gave up the soda for the nuts 🌰 and spring water πŸ’§

It is saving my life

I’m still on Black Walnut Wormwood daily but I’ve cut back to one large dose a day

And now I’m including some different herbals and the body is responding well

I still get dizzy and have chest pains

But the rebounding journey returns!

I can’t wait to see the peachy results start coming in!!! πŸ‘

My peach is petite but it is not stuffed with saline – I do not have a Brazilian booty butt like most of y’all worshiping and many of them stuff these pads into their shorts when they’re getting photos

It’s not natural or realistic

I’m working on a natural fit booty

Right now I’m on the thin side but whatev

My body changes shape with water, diet, and ovulation

Sometimes the belly is fatter but not because I’m eating shitty or lazy

I got off bedrest and walked 2.5 miles in the Florida heat and nearly died

And my rent is going up again and I’ve been here for many years and they still haven’t fixed the gym so I sent a text message (it still has gone unanswered even though they are open but I’m feeling like some negotiations need to start going on with all these rent increases)

I’ve got a bike and I’ve got a rebounder so really that’s all I need to get back to where I need to be potentially

Biking has proved dangerous

God wants me in the lions den (home)

My birthday loot from the clearance section at Doll’s Kill is arriving today (fingers crossed)

That last pair of Cinderella shoes will be getting a fitting on my feets soon


I have small feets (luckily women can’t borrow from me)

My sisters could never steal my fucking shoes because their feet were too big


Most women are size 8-9 or something it seems

I’m size 6 1/2 – 7

Little thang

But the peach and legs will be improving (it’s a full body workout tho)

Rebounding is great for people who have joint injuries because there’s zero impact to your joints

There’s many health benefits to bouncing

Not to mention your peach will look great

I have women following my detoxing journey and last year I had women following my rebounding journey and they went out and got them a rebounder so hopefully we can get that whole team spirit going again

Rebounding is great for your mental health and you can take your little mini trampoline anywhere, so you can take it outdoors with you if you want…

I’ve had men follow me out to my Jeep several times here where I live so I’m just gonna stay fucking home and that was me looking like shit without any makeup (but my peach must’ve been looking really fucking good)

I don’t want to wind up in the swamps or locked up in some weird room


I’d like to move to the country where I can practice my nude photography and ride my bike without fear

I’m probably gonna get kicked out of here next year and not get a rental renewal because I want them to fix the goddamn exercise room equipment

Over and out

See the progress on my Instagram:

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  1. It’s extremely expensive to live like that now. I’m saving for a small piece of land. Then popping a tent. Getting a sleep barn. Planting a garden, fruit & nut trees. Plenty of sunshine here in the sunshine state. Your land can be used for burial. So family cemetery for 1 please.

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