COLA (This establishment sux) πŸ˜«

Holy god my therapist heard me griping today about voting disasters, disassociation, immigration, family Pedophilia, and COLA πŸ€ͺ

She’s gonna need a vaca after me πŸ€ͺ

I even had a moment of holding back tears about the importance of healing and bringing more babies into hell

Sometimes it’s too much

The bill went up despite less usage (probably paying a neighbor too)

Me Monday morning calling the county for assistance with my electric πŸ‘‡

It’s like winning the lottery getting assistance with your electric in the state

But, if you can manage to hit redial for 3+ hours straight or more, beginning at 0800 on a Monday, you may get lucky

Apparently I do gamble

To win help

I’m a disabled veteran on fixed income (I normally qualify for shit)

But you gotta hit redial over and over and they may answer and say, “we just used up all our funding, try back next month”…

They help 1 time per year


Is it normal for an electric bill to cost an actual arm and leg?

Asking for a friend myself

I told my therapist today I had a different option from jumping off a bridge and dying by suicide and the other option was to go AWOL into the fucking forest far away from this establishment πŸ‘€

She was happy to hear I pulled my rebounder out

Fitness is part of my purpose

I miss doing outdoor stuff like hiking and canoeing and kayaking

The renting a pontoon boat and spending eight hours on water

But nope I’m stuck detoxing in quarantine and hell

And the electric bill keeps going up like my rent….

EVEN IF I DON’T USE IT MUCH (it’ll be 100 degrees outside and my windows open)

K, thanks, bye

P.S. a tiny plot of land would be nice

I live in the sunshine state

Free solar


I want to save my pennies but the pennies are being stolen by greed

I just wanted to get that off my chest because Edgar Allan Poe experienced the same shit and he died of starvation on the fucking street naked mad out of his fucking mind


I’m gonna hit up a food bank soon for some poisoned canned food!!!

But hopefully I can buy some red cabbage and rainbow carrots soon! β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

I make the best from scratch homemade vegetable stew

And yeah, some beef chunks would be fantastic in it and I wouldn’t be opposed to making TWO VERSIONS because I’m an adult and smart enough to know us animals have different dietary needs

I’m a flexitarian though so I mostly consume a vegetarian diet – tonight I’m making some fucking turkey pasta – with fresh garlic and onion – I need some meat on the bone

Abs the tush is getting more rebounding sessions in

And the heart has gone 2 or 3 weeks without meat and is now demanding turkey so piss off

I’m a soldier and I eat soldier things

They fed us mystery meat in basic training

Probably eating my enemy πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


I love Turkeys but I’m also a ruthless animal and will wring its little neck while crying I’M SORRY

The truth is I don’t actually like turkey that much so I don’t eat it that often and I’m getting ready to stop eating meat probably again altogether

This will be the last time I buy any turkey meat and will probably stick to just chicken and beef if I get any at all

I’m allowed to fluctuate οΏΌ

I support farmers but the real kind

Commercial farming I’m not really into

So I wouldn’t be out there killing any turkeys I would be rescuing the turkeys and the chickens and I would only be eating the chicken eggs OK and if the turkey died naturally I might eat it

Why do I need to defend my diet, I am a soldier

Grow up

I eat meat and you fuck children yet which is the worst offense πŸ™„

I know you’re incapable of self-realization

Can you even see yourself in the mirror though?

The Devil looks the same to me in any form

Oh my God, I’ve already had a therapy session today, I need fucking coffee, bye…

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