Why am I so mean 😫 (PopBlock a new social media game)

I don’t even know how to pop y’all’s bubbles easily anymore

I’ve been awake since so long it’s just like pop pop pop pop people just instantly block me probably pop pop pop pop block pop hell I’m blocking people too just because I don’t want to see their contents in my fucking feed pop block pop block pop block and that’s my new fucking fun on TikTok

Popping bubbles and getting blocked or blocking the propagandist


How to not make friends 101

(Edgar died on the street, this is why I’m certain he didn’t make friends)

He got Popped Blocked by society 😀

I’m getting ready to leave the house for a bit and when I get back I’m gonna make me a coffee and get me a workout sesh in, I swear things will be good once I get my coffee today!!! πŸ€ͺ

Apparently I have a lot of things to say because I’ve been saying it since three fucking a.m. now and I’ve been wanting the coffee very much since before the sun came up and I still didn’t get it

I’m gonna blame the demon dog

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