Black Walnut & Wormwood (pro life saving tips)

Sensitive topic beware – discussion of body fluids

Y’all know how I said “I stink” lol – that was the 18+ pounds of toxic weight my body expelled (not just through sweating lol)

I’m still detoxing and my lungs are clearing out! My gut is nearly healed!

I’m also on these (the ingredients are what is important, I try to find vegetarian and vegan formulas)

Sometimes I take a shot of ACV (I’m hardcore) or make a tonic

I consistently have ACV on stock and even bathe in it now (don’t fry your hair)

It’s great for the skin

The Devil hates it πŸ‘πŸ‘

If you want to lose weight – get on the detox bandwagon

If you want to cure cancer: black walnut wormwood (you must change your diet – you cannot give the cancer what it wants which is sugar and it has the ability to make you crave that and that’s why fungus lives on trees and drinks its sugar – mold can shapeshift into fungas – they communicate with one another)

I got invaded by some mold and let me tell you about that symbiotic relationship, I know its every fucking move, how it thinks, how it operates, how it works, and if you want to fucking cure whatever health problems you got going on – you need to get on this detox and you need to be serious about your diet change

Every country deworms their population but America





Rashes or skin issues? BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD

I’m about 5 months in…. several bottles worth

The CDC say 2/3rds recover from what I’ve got


I’m not gonna tell you how many doses to do but at times I’ve been giving my body the maximum amount of doses, three times a day, which is allowed

I’m spitting less in a cup (John Jones is saving my life)

I’m off my nebulizer which I think was making me worse…

Lab results back from the lab at the VA “you’re fine, come back in 3 years”

So Monday I’m requesting to see a real doctor outside of the VA and I’m filing a lawsuit for misdiagnose and mistreatment

Which is a dictatorship inside the VA and the vets are dropping dead left and right because we are being gaslit and they want us to die because they don’t want to pay us

The CDC say you can’t detect this in a normal lab

(They can’t detect that you got a parasite in a normal lab, they could detect it but they don’t want to because then that means you would be better wouldn’t you)


I worked in the medical field for many years and never did they teach us anything about debugging


It does taste like shit but eventually you get over that and I just mix my drops in a little bit of water and take it as a shot


(Stock up on it before they change the formula or take it from us). (I buy the three pack bottle for around $33 and I wish I could stock up but I don’t have money like that)

One bottle will last me about a month depending on the SMALL MEDIUM LARGE dose 1 two or THREE times per day

Currently I’m down to one large dose a day


But this cancer is like ancient and will fight back

It knows how to keep you on a low negative frequency and it really wants sugar and it can change your hormones and make you crave that – you don’t have to believe me, you can go read the CDC commentary, it says the same fucking shit “craves sugar”

I worked in a hospital for many years, I was a combat medic, I deployed to a war zone as a combat medic where I actually saved lives

Now I’m saving my own because the VA make me want to *insert things that would get me arrested because Minority Report is real*

I’m getting ready to try a new detox regime – it costs A LOT MORE BUT

This or death?

And you don’t wanna die this way

DR Seth has more things on his site – and you can plug in that code

But he’s got immune and iron builders

Everything seems to be vegetarian formulas without any of the added bad stuff

Once I get this stuff, I may can stop the Black Walnut Wormwood

I’m having to do an extended detox because the VA are monsters killing vets

And making us sign little forms as if that trumps their oath


Not all doctors and nurses are bad and once a medic, always a medic and I still have that – I’ll save your life mentality – which is what I’m trying to do now πŸ€ͺ

BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD (and Apple Cider Vinegar daily)

You can do Apple cider vinegar daily forever in a pill form or as a shot or a tonic πŸ‘πŸ‘

I get alcohol free black walnut wormwood but that stuff has the same thing in it that they used to make the shit Trent Reznor likes so it is additive and you need to be careful

I’m still having die of symptoms by the way and some days I have a little tummy upset but nothing that is bad as IBS or anything like your food being poisoned

The first two weeks of a detox is probably the worst

I like to sweat out the toxins so I don’t mask it with chemicals that cause cancer and disrupt your bio chemistry (they do)

Use natural deodorant if you must

Exercise is great to help sweat out the toxins

If you wipe your under arms with apple cider vinegar (yeah you’ll smell rotten for a couple minutes) but it really really will take away any of that bad odor for several hours and then you can use like lemon or lavender or something like that to make you smell good

I’m getting ready to try new thangs when the pocket book can afford

Those base oils you can use with natural oil (tea tree oil, peppermint)

I’m already using coconut oil that you can eat with on my hair and skin

The VA is full of COVID propaganda πŸ‘‡

And signs of, “DO ASK, DO TELL” with LGBT counselors


It’s really really hard to not get arrested or lose my good status πŸ˜‘

With that said, they did just recently donate an entire yoga system to me, because the message from the universe is “be still”

And I haven’t even been watching TV so I’m alone with these thoughts


It will actually help with your sugar cravings

It help me quit the junk food and it’s helping me clear my lungs out and not fucking die because the VA is sacrificing me to the dark entity (I know I’ve lost my mind but the devil is in the details, pay attention)

They have everyone segregated and we’re tribal

That’s why the mafia and streetththugs never talk because they’re the same fucking entity

Their methods no longer have power over us

I’ve heard others ask, “how can I be woke?”


You may not need to do an extended detox the way I was, I was near dead

But once I get sorted, I will start debugging myself once or twice annually



It’s life saving

I’m still climbing MT Everest

But I’ve been up since I don’t know one or 2 AM and now I want to make some coffee and get a little workout sesh in

Sometimes I love to sleep during sunrise 5-9 am

I would say 5 to 9 AM and a little nap sometime between one and 3 PM and then going to bed sometime between 7 and 9 PM ideally would be great but I do not have that schedule but that would be my favorite sleep hours every fucking day if I didn’t feel guilty about sleeping

Sometimes my sleep falls into one of those zones and my god

I feel so rested

Even on 2 hours of sleep (or a 15-20 minute nap during the nap hours)

If by getting old you get to sleep whenever you want then I’m kind of looking forward to that but right now I don’t sleep that much πŸ€ͺ

Should be obvious though with my posting hours throughout the day and night and then sometimes you won’t hear from me for 24-48 hrs. because I’m detoxing from the toxic Internet

I just can’t stand the flashing advertising and all the propaganda, it makes me nauseous and I actually get sick to my stomach

Not to mention it causes brain damage and I already have a brain injury

Sundays are for self-care and resting


And it’s also been a few paragraphs and minutes since I yelled at you BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD

So get on it

When I was talking to my primary care Doctor Who is from Asia on our video call about everything going on – the only time he picked up his pen and wrote anything down was when I mentioned BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD

He did not tell me to stop my detox

So carry on…

Don’t rely on healthcare to save your life

If you’re stuck depressed and dying – start looking into detoxing

There’s many different formulas out there

At some point I will do an immunity builder that Dr. Seth has

He’s got some great advice and videos on TikTok discussing different health issues

I worked in the hospital for many many years including the ER and we never dewormed anyone and over 60% of Americans are obese so

Get off the sugar and get on BLACK WALNUT WORMWOOD

I know it’s mostly tough love from me these days and I really wanna move into the nurturing role

I’m trying to reach you

Those dark negative thoughts are not your own

Get control of your ship!!!! You’re sinking!!!! Mayday!!!!!!!!!

If you’re eating food and then having explosive IBS, you need to fucking detox

You need to eat clean

I traded soda for spring water

I never said it was gonna be easy, Neo…

Red pill or blue?

You decide (but you gotta take control of that decision, the parasite will make you self-destruct).

You got little nano bots in your body wanting a chance at this life

Give them the fuel they need to do their job

Stop feeding the parasites

Humans and bears are designed to live 100 years

This establishment are pedophiles so they make you believe that being old is useless and they’re also trying to get rid of anybody who is in retirement age aren’t they


Don’t lose hope

Check out Dr Seth and his holistic treatments

There’s also this you could try – a heavy metal and gut cleanse (the shipping fee has held me back and I have since found Dr Seth on TikTok and wanna give his formula a try)

I’m not making any kind of money or anything by giving you guys this advice, I’m just trying to save your life

Many of the population is overweight so you must be having some sort of gut issue

It’s not a judgment

The devil has been forcing us to eat his modified sugar and his canned food and his poisoned fucking junk since we were in kindergarten

So we would run to the doctor and they would issue us big Pharma which would make us worse but never actually make us better (maybe sometimes – not all docs are bad)

As it turns out, many of the stuff we are eating in the grocery store is actually poisoned and the FDA is corrupt

Be careful of the natural stuff you are buying because they are putting stuff in it that they should not

Natural flavor is made in a lab with scientists

If you are gonna buy meat, get meat that is only meat

The FDA are getting ready to make it that they don’t have to tell you what they are putting in the labels

They’ve already re-branded GMO to Bio engineered ingredients

I guess they listened to President Trump when he said that Boeing “needed to rebrand”

I remember telling my mother when I was younger that the cereal and the type of food that she was making me eat actually made me sick, all those sugary products actually made me sick, but I would be punished if I didn’t eat what was put on my plate πŸ‘€

I was also forced to eat meat when I wanted to eat a grilled cheese sandwich or not meat (chicken or beef they’d say)

I was not allowed an identity or even my own fucking thought…

The parents were monsters but I watched them shower my little sister and big sister with everything they’d ever want


I’m in deep therapy to try to heal from the traumas my parents caused so that I can maybe enjoy the next 50 years of my life and try to be in the same room as a man

Not to mention, every relationship with a man I was in was abusive and they cheated on me and hated my boobs

Whatever to destroy my image or self esteem

And they got free rent too


I’m trying to save myself from the programming that was taught by our enemy (the sins of the father can be traced to Asia and the Bible)

I only hate you if you’re a demon

Still, I also love and try to bring you to the light

I’ve spent too much time in the dark

Convenient for all the immigrants who came over here and took all our best jobs


P.S. this might be TMI but sometimes you need an enema or use those anal caps to insert the medicine (I know guys on TikTok doing this) πŸ€ͺ

IF this new treatment by Dr Seth doesn’t cure me, I’m leaning that route… (full cleanse of the backend)

But I’ll need smaller caps

Petite πŸ€ͺ

Psst – Can we please normalize the human body instead of conditioning for artificial human hybrid AI and plastic surgery “men can have babies”

I don’t like the future

A little makeup, a little naughty 😈

I’m clearly not obese but I’m not having my milk makers replaced for artificial shit that turns into this hard crispy nasty yuck (have you seen what it looks like) these folks can’t even feel you fucking them

Plastic separates you from your senses

God bless everyone who is in that movement of getting that foreign plastic removed from their body

I’ve heard there is funding to do this FOR FREE

You gotta really research and likely via mouth these days

The Internet is dead (not my blog)

The source wants you to win

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