Quantum field / the double slit experiment (the real truth)

It’s conditioning for Human Hybrid AI multiverse

This establishment wants to turn you into a computer

Not the organic computer that you already are but an artificial one

And then they can make you believe they are the creator of this world

This establishment needs to be dismantled

This establishment loves to cremate the poor and bury the rich and they love to dig up the dead huh

They have the DNA of everything In Antartica – they aren’t planning anything good

China already have “too many men” according to their own fucking policies and science and articles (not opinion)

Now they have an artificial sun

They aren’t planning anything good

They are obsessed with black holes because they serve a dark entity

οΏΌThe Great Wall of China = deceit

This establishment rules with narcissism and it is spread with the Bible which is actually satanic and Luciferian and it’s been rewritten many times

I’ve been awake since before I was born so it’s no longer up for debate

For 6000 + years the world has been SICK

We’re not even living in the correct timeline

They call it April’s Fool

And then people make a day out of gaslighting each other for fun because it’s fucking narcissism

Being a ruthless hunter gatherer in the woods is starting to sound a hell of a lot more fun than living in the city with a bunch of predators pretending to be charming fucking princes

Society is a scam

Christianity is a pyramid scheme!


By the way, since 1970, 60% of all species has gone extinct, including us, but that’s OK because we’ve got DNA stored in Antarctica so China can rebuild everything and change our DNA to make us believe that they are gods πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

And turn you into a computer

Elon Musk thinks it’s lame that we have to look at a screen all day, you know, we should have chips inside of us…

I’m selling my TV!

You should shut the propaganda off but I’m sure you’re talking to your favorite porn star about the Minions huh

I know you want to see the world destroyed but the devil lost

Apophis is coming

And the establishment is scared!!!

That’s why they rushed to push their agenda (this pandemic)

And unless you’ve been trained and have experienced education and certifications in biological warfare – then don’t fucking come to me talking to me as a civilian because you don’t fucking qualify




P.S. There’s enough of the population and generation that already believe AI has feelings from Google / a Google fucking bot that has feelings – get in the fucking sea already – you all need to be destroyed

Heaven over hell




The establishment are changing the definitions and terms!!!! Erasing history before our eyes!!!

If you can’t see that immigration has destroyed America, I don’t know what to fucking tell you, the only reason you don’t want to see it is because your husband or your wife has a fucking green card


I’m not sorry!

I love humanity but I’m not gonna continue being a slave for another 50 years or allow them to continue to poison my food and water which they’re fucking doing so that they can steal my fucking land and tax me to death

“Oh they won’t do anything about it”


I told you if you raised my rent one more time there was gonna be dire consequences and my rent is being raised again next month

And it goes up a big chunk, at least $50 or more

I’m about to be without a washer and dryer because I pay $50 extra month so I can wash my fucking clothes once or twice

I encourage everyone to do the same

Even if it is an inconvenience to us, imagine how much of an inconvenience it is for them when everyone returns their fucking extra goddamn equipment that they have to pay for – which is insane

It shouldn’t be an added luxury to fucking wash clothes in my apartment


So I’m looking for a free washer and dryer or one that’s really fucking cheap – that won’t destroy my clothes like this one which is old and outdated like everything in this apartment

And I’m certain the bug spray they spread is sugar water

And there’s only ever one culture that’s ever out here doing yardwork and it’s probably them watching your every fucking move so they can have their cousin come steal your packages

But I’ve seen it with my own goddamn eyes πŸ‘€

“She’s racist” (as they destroy my country and my people)

I’m just absolutely over the goddamn narcissism everywhere or how communistic China uses racist propaganda to turn the American black population against whites all so they can later come along and TAX US FOR CRIMES WE DID NOT DO

The Great pyramid scheme of society!!!!!

And I was affected by the government furloughs and hiring freezes and when the president said “they come over here and they take all our best jobs” I looked into that shit and he wasn’t wrong

The establishment then tried to silence him from the internet

They stole his freedom of speech which I fought for

migrationpolicy.org and a number of other official websites will tell you that immigration has taken all our best jobs and management positions and not one American has the top management position or job (sorry John Jones)

Now you know why they didn’t want us discussing our wages in the workplace

I have more truth bombs but you probably already hate me or have unfollowed me and I’m not attacking you or your ways and I get that you’ve been asleep – I’m trying to save your fucking life

But I’m not gonna let you lock me on the bottom of the Titanic and sink with the ship again

18 thoughts on “Quantum field / the double slit experiment (the real truth)

Add yours

  1. Imagine how much reality has been bullshit because of the propaganda pushed generation after generation by using fearmongering and gaslighting to rule and keep the population in fight or flight mode (living in fear)

    We could be living free

    Like we were born to do

    If we want to participate in society you don’t need to gaslight or trick us but this is all the devils design so China can be number one and India and Mexico and now you know who owns you because everything here in America is by them and stamped by them and the immigrants took ALL THE BEST JOBS AND MANAGEMENT POSITIONS


  2. These demons don’t care about us. They care about lust, greed, all the sins! They don’t have any remorse because they don’t have a soul and they should be put down the way we do an animal that has a taste for human blood!!!!


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