Fleshlights (humans vs demons down here)

A man will sleep with you whether he likes you or not because we are fleshlights

These men think women don’t have value outside of sex or anything to offer

Our enemy has destroyed the family home tradition and value from the inside out

This has been going on for 6000+ years

They just keep passing the torch down clone from clone

I’m still descending

I really hate though that people just automatically assume I’m a whore because I take my clothes off

“She has an OnlyFans”

“I’d fuck her but not marry her”

I mean yeah that’s cool, I don’t want a man with that mentality because I’d rather my man be taking my onlyfans photos for me and saying baby that’s your money, you worked hard for that, buy yourself something nice


And by that phase in my life, I may not even need an onlyfans, but here’s the thing, I don’t wanna keep denying myself the opportunity to experience being a female

I’ve never had a guy buy me any lingerie or anything nice or make me feel good about my body, they all fucking destroyed me

This is the first time in my life I’m ever putting lingerie on or buying me something like a crop top because my boobs were body shamed for so long

And now I get to keep hearing on TikTok how women over 30 are obsolete by men who don’t even have any fucking hair (which does not bother me it’s just clear and obvious that they are addicted to alcohol, porn, and God knows what else)

I avoided bad marriages, birth control, removing my ovaries, plastic surgery (which separates you from your senses and prematurely ages you)

All because men feel like women who have their periods are obsolete because Asia has programmed the entire world to like children through the Christian Satanic bible (it’s a DEVIL GOD WHO USES NARCISSISM INSTEAD OF LOVE)

And now that I wasted years of my life going to college trying to further myself and this fucking situation that I’ve been in instead of getting caught in an abusive marriage, now I find out that college is a scam and I’m trapped in an abusive relationship with the government

I’ve always been trapped in an abusive relationship with the government ASIAN DICTATORS

I knew education was shit but then fell for college as an adult

Got tired of working at a gas station only to bust my ass to get educated to only have a job available as a fucking gas station clerk or flipping burgers due to the hiring freezes and furloughs

But these motherfuckers who probably only know how to sell dope wanna tell me that I have no value because I have a fucking onlyfans



I am not ashamed for taking my fucking clothes off and trying to experience what it’s like to be a woman admired for being a woman instead of body shamed by men I’ve admired all my fucking life

(Please note men in general, I don’t want to remember my past)

Y’all remember when Facebook allowed you to get email notifications of comments or private messages

I actually found some by the love of my life of him being a fucking asshole to me

Nothing much has changed

And yet, I’d always shower him with affection and love

I am near ready to jump from the bridge though


I’ll be at peace at it when I do

I hope…

self-portrait of @poeeternal


I still believe if I could’ve found a man when I was 13, 14, 15 (child bearing age) they would’ve imprinted on me and vice versa and we’d still be together with lots of babies and a farm like my grandmother

My grandmother was married to my granddaddy at 15 and they had 12 babies together…

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