Demon vs human (descension)

It is said that a man will never love you for the things that you do for him but he will fall in love with the things that he does for you and the same can be said about racism and the black American population and no matter what you do for them, they’re still gonna fucking hate you because of the programming they consume

And narcissism is not rare


And I know you’ve been beating yourself up about all the years you’ve wasted in this fucking bullshit regime but pull your money out of the bank and stop spending it


Every time the establishment does something to you negatively to keep you on a low vibrational frequency, to keep you on edge, to keep you uptight, CANCEL SOMETHING



I’m getting so anal about the bullshit, I’m going to start spending cash everywhere I can so they don’t know what I’m spending my money on, they can fuck off into a black hole

Our enemy is watching our every move

The next time a millennial is rude to you doing their job or hangs up on you, cancel your fucking membership, let them know that employee is the reason why they lost you as a member forever and you’ll never be back

There are consequences to treating the slaves like they don’t have any power value or worth

And they’re trying to kill off the population that works hardest because they’re fucking egotistical and will self-destruct when it’s time for them to serve one another

But “men can have babies” and cloning is real, science is unethical, y’all already believe a robot can feel




“Some minds can’t handle it”

Pink Floyd’s music is not evil but I don’t know what’s going on with my tapestry

I further descended into hell and my eyes are seeing things everywhere

Don’t be alarmed

I’ve been awake for since before birth

And animals understand language, yes the wild ones outside who see you every day take trash out, they fucking understand language

Show me one thing that a human has learned that they didn’t get from something else already in nature

I’m waiting…

These narcissist literally mimic the environment and then claim everything as their own and say that we are at the top

I don’t think Elon Musk could even handle a fucking storm and his hair is fake and he doesn’t have a fucking degree

He’s a pedo

Probably a clone

I’m convinced Mark Zuckerberg was replaced

And he’s either a clone or bot

Those motherfuckers have safety zones in the ice wall and not only am I gonna be recovering John Jones but I’m gonna destroy it all

I need my own land so I can build my own wall and have my own COM’s and if these motherfucking dictators try to step on my land it’s going to be war

I don’t even want to pay taxes, I’m ready to go AWOL and just disappear from this stupid bullshit, they’re pushing too hard

This establishment worldwide needs to be dismantled including the Bible which spreads narcissism and that is a Luciferian God you are worshiping

I’m not only ready to sell my TV but I don’t even want email anymore and I’m sick of being forced espionage on me

I canceled my Amazon Prime subscription

I can’t support the insanity any longer

I don’t watch the propaganda

There’s no way I could send my child to school

And it would be a serious issue if they wanted to arrest me because we didn’t believe in the education system and I don’t even have a criminal record, it be a huge fucking problem to be arrested because my kid didn’t go to school





Like that island in India who won’t have anything to do with the world, we can fucking be that tribe

Shooting anyone and everything down with bow and arrow


We don’t need permission, a piece of paper, money, (But a T3 arsenal would be cool)

They aren’t using stuff like that




This establishment is just going to keep bullying us into doing what they want us to do for the next 50 fucking years

Scary shroom nearby

It’s 3 am

I just needed to get that off my chest

Pull your money out of the bank and start paying for the things you need to with cash

And when businesses say no cash, then stop fucking spending

We’ve gotta protest

We gotta ghost

We gotta no contact

God knows I’m emotionally physically spiritually financially suffering


I’m spitting less in a cup these days but my revenge for my ex is growing strong

And this establishment

If you’re met with spending limits then just start pulling your cash out every day and stop using the fucking banks all together

Dr. Jordan Peterson is ready to remove his money from the banks and he lives in Canada and I’m ready to move from America (this fucking shit hole)

The immigrants can have what they destroyed

Including the people

And just like all these men who want to go to Europe to find a traditional woman, I’m gonna move to Europe to find me a traditional man, cause yo don’t exist in America (SOME DO BUT YOU ARE EXTREMELY RARE AND PROBABLY ALREADY TAKEN)

And you’re probably looking for a 20 year old to have a baby with

I’ve just been bleeding from my leg since I was 13 for absolutely no fucking other reason than the fact that you’re a pedophile and egotistical

And Christianity stopped me from my purpose of having a family

Christianity and porn

How easy it was for our enemy to destroy us from the inside out

Now include alcohol or whatever else your many addictions are

You gotta start taking control of your ship though

Stay focused on your plans and goals

When something is going on – recognize the signs this establishment uses to rule: gaslighting, fearmongering, triangulation, lovebombing

Then ask yourself, “how does this serve my purpose”

Start putting your pennies in the pot

Don’t get caught with more than $10,000 cash, even if you can prove every transaction, these dictator cops will take it from you

Society is a scam

I don’t participate

When was the last time you saw me traveling to a gig or going to a music festival, or going to the movies?

I’m okay

Those things aren’t serving my purpose of getting my own piece of land, fixing myself, maybe finding a partner (not a dictator)

I’ve had enough of those…

And for me, I’m learning it’s not about being right in a relationship, it’s about letting my partner know that they’ve been heard

A little tricky when one is older or just better at argument (I am one, he is the other)

My partner can eat whatever they want

But a vegan who doesn’t want to eat from the kitchen because sometimes a pot cooks meat on it is a pretentious asshole demon and not a human being


A partner will encourage you no matter what

You don’t need to share the same diet or even the same bed…

Why are people even together anymore?


No wonder the divorce rate is so high

They check things from a box because they want a robot for a partner

They get complacent


Think they deserve the edited images in the magazines

Image is everything to a demon

Narcissism is a plague

Not everybody can be saved

It’s getting incredibly dangerous to live in the city and around a bunch of racist people who work in gangs to fucking taunt you

I don’t know what part of, I’ll take your fucking kids head off they don’t understand but whatever

They think we think the children are innocent and exploit them to do their dirty work

Commercials are conditioning

“Buy this, buy that, you’re in the mood for”

You’re not

Next time you get a random thought to do something you really really don’t want to do, ask yourself where that thought actually came from and how does it serve your true purpose and then avoid it

I stopped eating the poisoned junk at the gas station

Many gas stations I’ve boycotted




I know it’s extremely hard to save your pennies when you’re already eating one meal a day like me

My rent is going up September 1 and I’m going to have them come get my washer and dryer so I can save that amount of money extra that they just increased me

I’ll wash my clothes in the spare bathroom and hang a line to dry em

No biggie

But this establishment is doing something that I don’t like and so I’m gonna do something back in return for them

They can come get their piece of shit washer and dryer that I’m paying $50 extra a month for because it’s a luxury to clean my clothing in my apartment

Like I said, if this establishment does something to you, do something back in your own favor that will improve your life, it will eventually in the long run I promise you

I’ll find a free or cheaper washer eventually

Maybe a dryer first

The universe will reward me

I will focus on what I need instead of what I don’t have and releasing myself from the bondage chain of this devil society that I’m forced to live in called Asia

I’m sick of being conditioned or slowly marched into the gas chamber

The more the government pushes for something, the less I’m interested

I think voting is a waste of time and I want to move into the jungle

So instead of feeling stupid because they’ve made voting so incredibly hard to understand or to do just go in there and fuck shit up and have fun with it

I’m no longer feeling suicidal about voting

Well I probably am

I’m suicidal about living in this society yes

I always have been and I’ve always been vocal about how miserable I am 😤

I want the same thing that my grandmother had

A yard, a garden, a trailer on 5 acres

I’m not asking for a mansion

I’m asking for three meals a day (or even two) that isn’t poisoned

It’s ridiculous that I’m even having to blog about this when I served my country like I did, this is insane, but the suicide rate continues to increase among veterans

Our health is being gaslit

Our disability ratings aren’t matching our disabilities and we aren’t being paid what we deserve

I am in the process of filing for another increase and going after 100% disability as well as going after state disability but it’s time consuming and a process and I’m not there yet

The appointments have been made…

I gotta stay focused

It’s very important that you work towards things that make you happy and not what makes everyone else happy (you’ve been at it so hard, self care time, you’re not selfish, they’ve been using you)

I’m trying to get my own little plot of land so I can start a little garden and commune


It’s now nearly 4 am and I need a nap before sunrise

I’ve been tired of feeling the whip of the dictators and the more I pull out from society the better I feel

I am sick of rent increases

So I’m firing back with “please come remove the washer and dryer and adjust my rent”


I’ll figure the rest out eventually but handwashing ain’t that bad

I had a lot more typed out, but the internet is espionage, I lost probably 20 minutes worth, I need to turn my phone off completely, data, Wi-Fi, everything for 24 to 48 hours

They use sonar to keep us depressed and on a low vibrational frequency

I don’t even want to use the Internet anymore

I may have that removed too

I’ll just visit McDonald’s to upload all of my fucking photography to my blog and 0F

Eventually, I’ll just stare at my feet

And it will feel so much better than this relationship I’m stuck in with the government which is abusive

The fact that my blog can’t even be therapeutic anymore because of the espionage inside of it because of the crashes, losing progress, boxes jumping and flashing back and forth, just all the fucking drama keeping you on edge

I will find a different method but I’m tired of changing me to make the relationship with society work (narcissism)

The devil is segregating from you from yourself

Maybe I am Christ… blasphemous

But, how do you know of the 144,000, that I’m not him


And if there are other versions of me in different timelines doing things then that would mean that’s why I know things that happen in the future because I’ve already done it so I’m tapping into the thing that I already did because I have always had psychic powers because we are all one consciousness

I don’t know if I’m gonna spend all that money buying Dr. Seth’s stuff because honestly the shit that I’m buying is working and I just need some more patience

Black Walnut Wormwood cost around $12 a bottle (give or take)


Somewhere out there though Jesus Christ is having an awakening and is part of the 144 and I really hope he fucking doesn’t block me on TikTok because I’m pop blocking everybody, all the spiritual guru’s 🙄


But God knows I’m not really trying to block him

He tolerates me

He made me fully sarcastic and without remorse

Narcissism is not rare, despite what the books say


Gaslighting is 1000% real and got John Jones got stuck upside down because they removed features on a map showing location of a dangerous zone that two others got stuck in before and needed rescuing

“I thought I was somewhere else” – John Jones

“Why did you put me here” – John Jones

Hard lessons learned baby

Coming for you…

*looks up caving in Florida*

I made them turn the light on for my MRI

I don’t like being buried alive even if there is there airflow

They do put subliminal messaging in music and commercials and at shopping centers

I directly learned that while earning my psych degree in college

“You will not steal”

“You will buy this”

I would starve in the jungle and I would be found with a half-eaten tongue

IT WAS NOT A FLOWER (was it) 🤔

I’m more related to a mushroom than I am a narcissist and I can’t stand either one

Mushrooms are parasites 🤨

They eat the sugar (blood) of trees

They can control your hormones

They have some that have gone extinct that were controlling the ants brain

America does not deworm

Every other country does

It’s now 4:25 cuz my shit messed up, it took about ten minutes of holding back tears, frustration, anxiety

I do want to turn my device completely off for the next 24 to 48 hours

You need to protect your mental health, you need to protect your brain waves, they’re fucking with them

I need a safe to put device in

I need a room or box free from radio waves and thangs



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  1. I’m terrible at making furniture by the way or putting it together so there’s no fucking way or maybe I’m supposed to learn and remember who I am


  2. I’m literally going around telling my therapist and people if they don’t get right with me they’re not going to heaven because I’m not gonna let them go I mean I feel that to my fucking core that God will side with me that if I don’t want you there you’re not coming 👀


  3. Just keep asking on guidance to remember who you are and to see things for what they are and then maybe you’ll see more things and hopefully not in the tapestry


  4. I love you my friend. We have swim in shit and we had to learn to swim in the shit. my beautiful friend. I am getting tired. My words and my grandchildren are keeping me alive. You are amazing my friend. Someday I hope to to meet you. You can tell me a thousand stories.

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