He got spat on

Which is assault

Bless his heart. All those cameras rolling. He just smiled in disbelief and took a deep sigh

I gotta return those cartoon of rotten eggs and milk – with a smile somehow πŸ˜‘

And not spit on them… the world is going mad

People out there spreading diseases with their saliva:

Now once I get over dude getting spat on, I’ll observe the spatter, he’s very impressed with himself

I don’t know who did what to deserve what but spitting is an assault and you can make someone sick like that and you spit on me and that’s fucking grounds for self-defense – be prepared for the canyon coming back at you

This could all be planned I DON’T CARE

I just see a spitting trend and no – it spreads disease and is assault

The guy in blue just casually buttoning up his jacket after that attack

He’d be off that chair in a heartbeat

I’d be on top of him SPITTING IN HIS MOUTH

I’d like to be more like John Jones and just smile at offense



50% of the world gone mad



Our gut directly impacts mental health!!!!!!

These parasites live on chaos and decay!!! And sugar and GMO!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna spit on Peggy and button my jacket!!!!

I’m gonna get arrested!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t spit on each other!

Keep back 10 feet!

Wear your damn mask!!!

Stop kissing your pets!!!!!

I’m trying to reach you!!!!!!!!!

Spread cheer, not fear! I’m failing dear!!!

9 thoughts on “BETTER MAN THAN ME

Add yours

  1. It’s assault 🀨

    It may look cool on TV during the awards but it spreads disease and is considered an attack

    I’d lose my effin mind

    I’m having difficulty dealing with the eggs and milk scenario 🧐

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  2. I don’t believe that they will because it’s been opened and a few days now.

    Thought about contacting that farm directly and letting them know what happened.

    I’m still so bitter on it so the only message I am receiving is “be still”.

    Yeah, I’m gonna be still all the way up through All Hallows Eve and then fair game


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  3. Also, I’m pretty certain France made it a crime to throw a pencil at someone

    It’s definitely grounds for attack

    It took an incredible amount of strength for that man to just sit there and smile

    Especially when the spatter looked him directly in the eye afterwards and waved

    Like, I’m definitely on that level of petty but it’s absolutely a crime

    And I don’t have bail money πŸ˜‘

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