Full moon & peachy mourning

It’s a full moon 🌝

I know you need me πŸŽƒ

Cuz I need you πŸ€ͺ

I’m on the fence about the bodysuit but I’ll probably keep it

I’m more than an extra small but almost too small for small πŸ˜‘

Somewhere between extra small and small


And I can still hear them complain that my ass is gone when I bend over or my tits sag or I have scars

I’m not a plastic sex bot πŸ˜‘

I don’t look like the fake plastic porn models they worship on screen πŸ˜‘

I have feelings πŸ˜‘

I talk to the dead πŸ˜‘

*sips coffee

I’m getting another rebound session in either today or tomorrow (Sunday)

Running on a rebounder is 1000 times better – you won’t destroy your joints with the harsh impact of the ground or machine – plus – you are training your muscles as it is resistance training – not just cardio

I cannot do my high ab jumps due to adrenaline spikes to my heart

But the tush is getting tushy

I’m petite πŸ˜‘

The girls that get thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of views have silicone in their ass and cannot produce children (ovaries gone)

I cycle with the moon 😫

2 thoughts on “Full moon & peachy mourning

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  1. Just call me Daddy, you can be my little devil anytime you want or need.
    Your breasts are full and gorgeous.
    You have more curves then the Indy 500. Your curves are sexy and vivacious. Your scar’s are a badge of honour, they complete you, they don’t make you undesirable or ugly. Don’t give in to negative thoughts from others or yourself. Your all that and more girl.


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