New set got a tip ðŸ¤©

Really glad you like the new set! It was so big, I had to make it into TWO post!!! 🤪

Apparently, there is an image upload limit I reached 🎃

I don’t use all the photos I take. Like this one with the tag showing 🤪

But you wouldn’t have any photos at all if perfection did exist because I always make mistakes 🎃

I’m glad SUPER GLAD you enjoy the new set

Halloween theme mode is ON

More darkness coming

I appreciate your support!!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to start showing bloopers and thangs because sets always have costume mistakes or like this full moon, I got STUCK in my costume for 20 minutes and also CUT myself by accident

The future hubby needs to know work IS involved making blog content and photography

He gotta enjoy the entire trip – the start, the journey, the end

He gotta enjoy me out of makeup and without a filter


xo 😘

Grateful for your support!! ❤️

The new vegan makeup was used in this set!

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