Still searching for the one (never safe for work) πŸ™„

He’s mean to me by the way

I’m not chasing after doom

I know my worth, even if they don’t

I’m putting in the hard work at therapy

I’m not fucking about 🀨

I’m getting ready to graduate into group therapy

My therapist is proud of the progress and changes I have made

I’m starting to understand where triggers are coming from

I’m starting to be more aware of when I’m physically having a bodily change from a trigger and ensuring that I remind myself that I’m in a “safe space” to process it even if I don’t understand where the trigger is coming from

I’m putting in so much work to be the best version of me right now

I might not can run a marathon but I still have worth

In my past life, I got involved with all different types of men and they all treated me the same

Their actions never match their words

Narcissism is a plague and I think you should all be put down like an animal who has a taste for blood 🩸

Y’all just out there giving yourself away huh; “elite. Easy to prey on single mothers and insecure women”:

“You’ve been down that road, Neo”

Yes I have. And I’m not spending another 50 years regretting things other people convinced me to do

People without any ethics, morals or soul

The military breaks us

And then they are completely addicted to porn which activates there primal side of their brain and they are so addicted to porn that they are leaving messages that they cannot go without their porn stars for two weeks but they don’t give a fuck about the women in the homes that are fucking doing everything for them to take care of them

Since 1970, 68% of all species has gone extinct

There is ONE GUY out there who will appreciate me more than porn

I have done everything in my power to maintain my purity

That’s why the devil wants me so hard

Sometimes I think I like to taunt him because I want to trap him in a fucking cave like John Jones

Fuck Satan

Fuck Lucifer

Fuck the Devil

Fuck society

Men are going to make their worst fear come true about dying alone

I’m not alone tho

I have God and John Jones with me

“Your mind makes it real”


*drowns instead* 😌

I want a solid foundation to grow on, not a puddle that I don’t know how deep goes

I want a king, not a predator

And if you don’t know my real fucking title in the real world, it’s Sergeant, that makes me a fucking warrior and don’t demote me to a fucking princess ever again

“Not a queen”

Yeah and I’m not chasing if you can’t see me for the magnificent fuck up that I am

I’m tired of turning down multiple dates from the same guy from different days from the beach

His last question to me as I was driving off, “are you happy”

My answer “no, but I’m trying”

And I don’t want to be so fucking sick and depressed that I lose my soulmate forever because I was digging around in a hole with the devil

I have traditional values but am not entirely experienced in the bedroom

I have maintained my innocence

Waiting to imprint and be imprinted on πŸ˜‘

If I’m giving him all my sacred parts including my heart, he needs to be kind

I don’t want a vanilla man in the bedroom but I don’t want an abuser in my every day life

I don’t want the one competing but he gonna need to put in some effort

My self-esteem is completely fucked up from using filters and makeup but I go out all the time without that stuff and don’t have any problems obtaining dates or at least getting asked on them by several men

I’m still detoxing and going through purification

I still have a heart condition that will likely affect me for whatever time is remaining

But love is a magical healing ingredient

I’m not getting any validation hardly from anybody out there and he doesn’t want to give me any at all because he thinks I’m probably being overloaded with it and he doesn’t want to compete

Emotionally devoid

I spend hours or days recovering from narcissistic abuse and the abusers feel nothing at all





It’s glaringly apparent after being alive several decades that the devil hates women and want men to destroy anything that women have to create and they want to be the creators of everything and so everything has been designed to put men as number one and women below because we come from their rib

Which is bullshite

Because on a cellular level you are 95% your mother

And Asia know this

Anytime you hear the word reincarnation just replace it with the word cloning and you know what the fuck is going on



How is it we’re consistently fighting 24/7 yet none of us are fighting over Antarctica and we have a fucking treaty there

We have a DNA ark there

They know how to manipulate DNA

They won’t stop dropping bombs land sea air

Artificial is Satanic

Natural Flavor is made in a lab AND IS NOT VEGAN

God wants you to become more self-reliant

God likes seeing me smile and created the heavens to watch me do so

God wants me to find a husband who makes me smile a lot

God likes watching me in the kitchen making magical soup with ingredients he grew (or she)

God and John Jones is helping me get better β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

I think there might need to be a intervention to get me off the Black Walnut Wormwood

But not yet

The CDC now say parasites can lay dormant for six months and you know they always lie about the number so it’s probably more like a year but I’m just gonna keep going y’all because it’s healing whatever cancerous shit I had in me

Men on TikTok now saying “detox 4 months, go longer”

I’m 5 months in and already learned that about month 2


I’m nearly to the point where I won’t need to wear deodorant ever again

Exorcising the Devil

Phew, it’s been a journey

Spitting in a cup, “your labs are fine”

I was ready to take out the entire city fucking block starting with a certain place I’m not gonna fucking say

I may not can walk on water but it feels like it some days when I’m laying there in the tub not starting a war or cutting myself to death

I’ve never tried to walk on water and I’ve always been scared of my psychic powers πŸ€ͺ

I make a damn good witches stew

Looking for a hubby soon

Especially if the one thinks I’m gonna be crawling to my grave that he has dug himself




God: I need you sleeping in the lion’s den without fear

Me: you fed the lions tho, right πŸ€”



New choker arrived! I identify as Baby! My king gotta treat me right!!!!!

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