The work continues… thank you!

Thank you!!!!!!!! πŸŽƒ

I’m happy I get to stick around another month and work on some cosplay content!

It means a lot to me!


I am not on OF flirting – I am very professional

I am not a professional dominatrix

I am trying to understand my place in the world through poetry and photography

I put down my M16 after 15 honorably years in the Army!

Writing has always been my passion and my purpose

I don’t want to die on the street and I am struggling like Edgar Allan Poe to eat

I still need clothes to wear because nothing fits

The Thrift stores are charging ridiculous prices

I am IN-LOVE with shopping at Dolls Kill and Shein and they don’t just sale lingerie (giftcards welcome anytime) πŸ€ͺ

And I do like sharing my little shopping tips and my home cooking tips and all the little behind-the-scenes stuff that I’m doing

Just yesterday I had a very long therapy sesh and I’m ALWAYS that one patient that runs over the time πŸ₯΅

Me: I don’t really feel like talking today

Also me: sorry for running over again πŸ€ͺ

But when you have a really good therapist you should work with them because you will not have them forever

And I graduated to group therapy and will slowly move to only 6 sessions a year individually (every other month unless an emergency and I have her direct line plus the suicide call centers which I DO USE)

I’m putting in the hard work – therapy, detoxing, exercise, cleaning/organizing

Letting thangs go

I’m letting things go and holding onto things I don’t even understand why I’m holding onto

I’m also still packing what things I do want to move in the future – so that when the time and opportunity comes for me to jump ship, it won’t be so hard on me! πŸ™Œ

I hate living here as much as John Jones hates that cave

But I’m trying to make my master bedroom my main living quarters

And I know how much people hate Dr. Jordan Peterson but he said to get your room clean, he knows how hard it is because it requires you to get your shit together and he said make one room in your house really nice

Right now I’m going for comfys

I recently received an email that kind of implied that my onlyfans was too expensive

I’m already priced cheaper than a monthly Walmart subscription

I didn’t realize the porn industry was setting the standards for all artists and their prices

Some men are implying my price be five dollars or less, which means I’d make maybe $3.50 per month for all the art I’m putting out

I already give 90% of my art away for free

And I’m not comfortable with setting my price for lower than what I’ve already asked when I’m calling the fucking state of Florida over 80 times to get assistance with my electric bill which is over fucking $200 right now and I did not get through or receive the help

The Devil got me chasing my tail humiliation factor and all

And I started calling promptly at 9 am even tho the screenshot didn’t capture it all

I fucking called and I called and I called

$270 electric bill – I must be paying for the neighbors too who hate me 🀩🀩🀩

I did not get through to the state so thank you for renewing


I don’t get to share my living expenses like everybody else in the world

My rent continues to go up and so does the threat levels (new rent increase Sept 1st)

I’m grateful I have a supporter so I can continue to put out photography (renewal dates always scare me) 😌

1 month on and top 51 so far thanks to you!

Just got my first renewal! Inspiring!

I really like eating homemade soup instead of canned soup and I am sick of going to food donation camps to get the poisoned canned food

I am grateful for the food banks tho

I’m glad you thought my content was good enough to stick around!

I’ve lost a lot of weight and the propaganda out there states that skinny people aren’t queens

Anytime I use the tag petite I get penalized by big brother for harassment

And society isn’t rebranding petite to Empress

The way they are rebranding Plus size to “queen” and “curve”

Anyhoo – my package from Dolls Kill just shipped (the one with my first bodysuit!!!!) I hope it fits but small is now TOO BIG for me!!!!!!! πŸ€ͺ


I also have a package from Shein that’s been heading its way to me slowly but they always get here and shipping is cheaper than local)

I’m having a hard time finding anything that isn’t already made in China or India or Mexico

I don’t plan on having a forever makeover but my first sure has gone well!!

I’ve never owned any lingerie in my life and now my potential future husband will get to see me in all sorts of cute little things

The OF improves my mental health

I am not doing anything disrespectful there

I know some girls use it as an online girlfriend kind of thing but that’s not my field or lane

And being an online girlfriend is just being a prostitute

I’m not a prostitute nor spend all day in the chat doing sex work

I’ve never conducted myself in such a manner

I know these guys like to use pro dominatrix in the real world all over

And then complain how inexperienced we are

The divorce rate is way higher than 50% by the way it’s more like 85%

They beat us and expect us to hand and foot them 24/7 while maintaining and running the household

We gotta be ready to be a 10 star porn star as soon as they are sexually charged and ready

Most of them are so emancipated they do not know how to connect emotionally or to make a girl cum and then we spend all our time trying to make sure that they cum – no wonder the divorce rate is so fucking high…

They can’t even remember important dates


Andromedas halo is touching our galaxies halo and if there’s another version of me over there then maybe I do know things that happen already

Heisenberg uncertainty principle versus Einstein

They don’t know my precise location

I am energy



I need coffee for the channeling coming through πŸŽƒ

Arriving soon from Shein! 2 items from a very special artist that sold out! Got them for a great bargain!!! πŸ‘‡



More content coming and I’ve been using my gorgeous vegan makeup

Thank you for your viewship and memberships!!!! I appreciate all of you!!

God wants me working on content for you!!!

God wants me to keep detoxing and making homemade soup!!!

I’m still recovering from heart inflammation and overcoming the odds!!!

The CDC say only 50% of youth recover from heart inflammation and they aren’t even including people in my age group because all those people are dropping dead from adult death syndrome but they are blaming everything but the jab

“It’s the naps!”

“It’s gardening”

“It’s from going outside”

I’m selling my TV!!!!! πŸ€ͺ

And I’m not lying about that

I’m selling my TV and my PlayStation 4 and all my games at the pawnshop but I really really do need to invest in a tablet for photography and poetry

I’d honestly rather sell my stuff on eBay because I would get the money that I deserve so I may hold off on the pawnshop even though that electric bill is burning my ass up (I think they offer five dollars and less per PS4 game and mine are like new and still costs $30-$50 to buy)


And that means I can keep going another month πŸ‘


I wanna go on a hayride this Halloween!!!

I haven’t been out of the house in three years for Halloween – not since the pandemic started and I fell ill

My therapist also gave me a great idea about just taking my bike outside and then just coming back in and then going back out the next day or on another day and just hanging out with my bike outside and not actually riding yet and I thought that was also a great idea but my neighbors still hate me and they’re gonna hate me even more when they see it all blasted out with the LED lights πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Two of the neighbors were yelling really loud at each other last night in the parking lot

I do have a video of it but I’m reluctant to post it even though you can’t see them but you can hear them

Don’t shit where you sleep…

The OF! Please subscribe so I can pay my bills!!!! πŸ™Œ

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  1. And FYI: I’ve turned down many offers to make side money. Someone offered me $50 to read them poetry topless. I said no. People have asked for my panties. I say no. I don’t compromise myself.


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