Your words are so sharp, they cut like a blade These sorrows march at me and come in brigades You move through life like a game of charades I guess you discovered I have nothing to raid © Delia Ross. 2019 / @PoeEternal

Picture of a Picture

PICTURE OF A PICTURE by @poeeternal I have a picture of a picture It was clear I wasn't stricter I have a picture of her picture He'd still be here if I were richer It won't be long & he will ditch her She'll have a picture of his picture Bury her head deep into … Continue reading Picture of a Picture


OLD PHOTO, NEW POEM! 'DETAINED' by @poeeternal He makes me want to sin But it'd be heaven I contend The way his words move under my skin I'd fall for him again and again I once made my amend While feeling silence closing in If only there were more moments to spend Would he care … Continue reading DETAINED

Traces of places by PoeEternal

Sometimes come around now & then It's hard to forget all the places that I've been I'd rather face the crowd than live a life of pretends Living an honest life are the roads few transcends And we both know those aren't the type of parties he attends There's plenty evil in the world for … Continue reading Traces of places by PoeEternal


Why we stress on the ones who will never take us notice Adjusting our sights, but never finding focus A socialogical wasteland where most are adulterous Demoralizing women & society knows this You think because you're clean it doesn't make you an accomplice Watching others bleed while you eat is atrocious #metoo © Delia Ross. … Continue reading Bloodletting


INTERMISSION by @poeeternal / delia ross You don't always have to start at the beginning Not everything is always about winning And even your soul needs special innings There's too much strife not enough grinning Right about now you could be imprinting I hope it's good energy you're giving Bandaging those wounds you've been bleeding … Continue reading Intermission