You are a grand spiral stairway to heaven
I wanna run down

Leap into your heart

Grind on the right part

But aren’t our roads irregular galaxies forming?

I crash into you like gravity is meant for bonding

My love, that isn’t time resting on my shoulder, it is your crown

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

You’re erupting, let the lava flow into my waters.

Free love (from the chains that bind)

You’re getting into your head, I can feel you getting into your head. Stop thinking with your heads and start thinking with your heart.

Babe, you don’t have to bring the moon to me every night.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t look on each night with wonder.

I’m still so elated.

In fact, my blood pressure is EXTREMELY LOW. Enough that the doc wants an EKG.

So I’m still floating on clouds in hell.

Thank you very much.

Will die for you.


Be wild.

You know where my fort is and you’re the only one allowed in it.

I’ve never had that sort of safety with anybody before.

I love you.

And safety is my number one business (soldier)

I wanna crawl into you.


Or just be.

All the speeds.

I don’t want you to drown with mankind

This isn’t your design

I would die for your kiss

We could start with coffee but I would die for your kiss

Your sins

Your kiss

To feel your thumb on my lip

(signing off from some alternate, ethereal galaxy where I am half alive and half dead with a BP of 59/70 (low low low)

Trying not to get into my head because I don’t think my heart can handle an anxiety attack right now.

I’m in this ethereal, calm state because of you.

But not everybody lives to be old and I really want to live long enough to feel your kiss.

Calm down.

We’re connected to each other, through time, through lines, just deal with it.

Plant the seeds.

Till the garden.

Water it.

Clean the weeds.

Watch love grow.

Keep nurturing love.

Fruit and blooms.


Delicious treats.

I’m living my last decade I can feel it.

Michael Jackson said he wasn’t going to live past 50 and he didn’t.


I’m in a foggy mist of love.

You’ve got my heart completely stretched out.

I can feel neutrinos or something.

And I’m like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to sleep because I’m afraid I’ll stop dreaming about you.

But also I want to live in a fantasy world because I live in a fucking world of confusion because of my brain injury so give me something other than paranoia and fear for a change.

We can just sit in the dark.

You have no idea how the sound of your heartbeat would be like a beautiful harp echoing through my soul and I want to feel your vibrations bouncing off of me.

I know I’ll never be enough for you.

But I never had parents or an identity, I’m ruined.

I don’t want to cage you.

You are my safe place.

I know you don’t think very much of yourself and you don’t have very much self-respect but I’d take a bullet for you.

I could never out you.

Would cut my own wrist open and sink with the ship.

I’ve had some pretty mad nights, thought I was going to wind up on the street.

Need u (at your will)

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