Denmark + Millions of Dead Mink + COVID nightmare

What in the actual fuck

Excuse me while I fucking disassociate again

2 responses to “Denmark + Millions of Dead Mink + COVID nightmare”

  1. Oh.
    I don’t know if it’s slightly reassuring or even more worrying to see that so many countries other than the one I live in are run by idiots, egoists and maniacs. The latter, I suppose.
    Thanks, D for the heads up. I remember this story, too. They couldn’t quite, ahem, bury it, could they. x

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  2. This should be all over the news! This is no better than what happened to the Jews! Uhhh gasp! I hold ALL LIFE in my heart, not just one species set on destroying all life on Earth – which is humanity. I am not part of the destruction of the earth or people. I am divorcing myself from society. I no longer agree or belong to this world.


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