“Now you’re selling your body on the cheap” 👀

Oh my fucking God, stop the press, I’ve been called a whore again. 👀

He’s mad at me and now using that disgusting piece of shit ex of mine as a bomb to hurt me *rolls eyes* 🙄

Mark did scam me out of a lot of things, but my real love and heart he never got. He kept my pussy dry literally. Keep reading on to learn more 👀

(I went no contact from Mark – he posted on my blog when he got back with one of his exes, I didn’t go to The Chameleons blog – he came to mine. He’s a narcissist and I’d gone no contact but he was desperate for me to know – he’s desperate for me to love him. I don’t. I can’t stand Mark Burgess. He’s the plague and I want NOTHING to do with him. He never pays taxes, he lives rent free off the women he abuses. He’s a scumbag and writing music doesn’t give you the right to do the monstrous things he has done and continues to do. He’s a menace and needs burned at the stake, along with all the books and music. Erased from history is the only ending he deserves. Of course, he leads everyone to believe that the women are the problem even tho it’s the women running from HIM. And he moves from one relationship to the next. Claims true love every time. He taste like death. 🤮🤮🤮

I did a runner from Mark Burgess because he is the plague and you should stay far the fuck away from him.

I don’t like or love him.

I couldn’t even get sexually off from him

I couldn’t even get wet down there 😑

I don’t like Mark Burgess

I don’t love Mark Burgess

And you don’t get to act like you’re my best friend and then turn around and call me a whore just because I have a political fucking opinion about what’s going on in the world and I actually have a right to say something about what’s going on in the world because I’ve actually served my fucking country you piece of shit

Look at all this charming smooth talk via PM tho. You always wanted me to chat with yah, never did/would tho. Hell, you invited me into your home and offered to pay for my hotel.

But now publicly suddenly I am one of the worst things ever and a whore and I’m selling my body on the cheap




I never did give him what he wanted though- my time or my friendship and now look at him calling me a whore 👀 from inviting me and paying for my hotel to calling me a fucking whore 👀

He says I think the world owes me everything and I’m selling my body “on the cheap”


But he was just inviting to pay for my fucking hotel room


Now I’m a whore and he’s siding with that piece of shit Mark 👀

I am called a whore / you’d give me your dinner?

For the record, I don’t need anyone paying my hotel bills when I travel, I do that on my own.

I normally stay with my best friend who is a female – I’ve visited her in England twice staying with her 2 weeks on each visit.

I also helped with food and the electric and left her some moneyzzz cuz I’m not a complete bum.

She did not ask me to do this. Flights anywhere are expensive – and I’m happy to stay with my REAL FRIENDS when I visit if they invite me.

I’m not rich nor ever have been.

I was not born with a silver spoon.

I’ve always had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet.

I do not feel bad or guilty for stripping to eat or pay my bills.

You don’t get to invite me into your life and then call me a whore after and not get sandblasted.

He was always denied tho – as you can see – I don’t talk to anyone.

Prime example why

They all want to fuck me for free

Yet I’m called cheap


Yea, I’m the problem clearly

Fuck off now

Run back to Mark Burgess

You’re both twats

Stop acting like you don’t have a porn addiction or that you are all holy and can call me your friend and then a “whore” (but only after you offered to pay for my hotel – I wasn’t a whore when you were offering to pay for my visit)

Never even had the desire to meet you – let alone for you to pay for my hotel.

“Whore” yup m’kay why? Because I do cosplay? Because I take off my clothes now during a pandemic because I’m disabled and need to pay my bills and we are in a RECESSION?

Because I blew through my life savings trying to stay afloat?

Because the jobs I was working paid under minimum wage and I have a college degree but can’t find work in my field due to the recession/furloughs/hiring freezes?

And those minimum wage jobs are taxed like hell and barely support cost of living (COLA) which is why people work multiple jobs to stay afloat?

Because they can’t save one fucking penny to get ahead.

Because nobody wants to actually support me or my dreams because they all want to “be my friend” so they can fuck me?

When I don’t want to fuck anybody –

Because I want to make babies with the love of my life and he recently bought me pizza?

Because I’m not actually a whore and there’s nothing wrong with sex workers.

I don’t actually “sell my body” 🧐

I don’t think anyone can actually “sell their body”. 🤔

If you mean “perform sex acts”, that isn’t anything I’m actually doing.

It’s called burlesque but I’m not very good.

I like to cosplay and roleplay tho cuz being an actor was always my dream, I still audition for parts (even reality TV shows), and I love getting to play dressup cuz I was always a Soldier/tomboy.

I don’t think what I am doing is sinful.

I’m trying to understand who I am as a human and a woman.

Not the part or role that everyone else wants me to play.

What I’m doing now is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Writing, photography, cosplay, guitar, it’s my thang.

The feedback I’ve been getting on my OnlyFans has improved my overall health and mental status / self-esteem.

I would say the feedback I have received has been priceless to my growth as a human and an artist.

There’s a lot of value on my OnlyFans and I’m trying to get better at my cosplay and my photography and I think it shows.

I appreciate your good feedback, your comments, likes, tips, gifts and subscriptions!

I also GREATLY appreciate the support on my Patreon as well!

You make this whore happy.

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