Obey. Feel. Trust. Obey.

The army is building super soldiers (the regulations were getting so ridiculous that after 15 years I was done). The new regulations on hair, nails, and tattoos were insane. They don’t just want us all to be the same, they want us all to look the same now too. The Army moved past the “don’t ask, don’t tell”, and now we’re all just eh… androgynous.

Big Bro is building sheeple who will behave and he is molding us and monitoring us and watching us every second of the day.

From what we buy to what we say.

We must obey

Or what, risk being banned from all Internet like Trump?

They made an example of him just like they did Jesus Christ.

Well how did they earn our trust you ask?

This pandemic. Being skimpy on passing out vaccines to build demand for it and offering incentives to behave. Free donuts. Free beer. Free hotdogs. Other freebies.

Watching the government sweep in with cures so we can trust them.

Mother, should I trust the government? 👀

In recent lessons past, like smallpox with blankets, the answer is no.

Question everything.


But in 200 years, things will be very ordered.

I really hope for a Terminator style revolution or that Apophis gives us a chance to start again or maybe even Elon musk if we can get to Mars.

I don’t like things.

Pets exist to keep us distracted.

Racism. Politics.

We don’t actually have a say.

It’s all a ploy.

I’ve never once voted for any of my taxes to go to NASA nor do I want them to.

Why isn’t that on the fucking ballots?

So something gets voted in 1954 and we just agree with it forever?

NASA are murderers.

Basically Boeing.

And if it’s Boeing, I ain’t going, even if they change their fucking name.

NASA unnecessarily took a risk they didn’t need.

Everybody said no but there was that one person in power every time who overrode it.

NASA had to retire the space shuttle because it’s fucking dangerous.

They weren’t advancing.

Space agency is a rue to keep us distracted from the fact that we’re fucking slaves.

Elon Musk is landing rockets now.

I want my tax money going to him!!!

He cares about the safety of his crew and doesn’t take unnecessary risk!!!!

NASA = Titanic and everybody worships what they’ve done!!!!

It’s madness.

I’ve gone insane.

Trump had to shut Boeing down because they also didn’t care about safety.


And when I found out Boeing was behind NASA it all made fucking sense.

When I found out Bush owned most of the oil stock in the world, while a President, even though he had been arrested for cocaine use, I almost choked on my own saliva.

There’s been many soldiers I’ve spoken with who also believe that 9/11 was an inside job (as do I).

I generally study things thoroughly before I gain an opinion and I don’t get my Intel from Wikipedia.



You studied Stuxnet yet?

Jesus fucking Christ

They need to invent a better word than paranoia

I got to stop avoiding my therapist calls now.

I’m sure he can see that I’m attending my medical appointments so he hasn’t called the cops on me or anything he doesn’t think I’m dead or whatever that’s good but I got a lot of stuff to catch up on.

Let me pull a pickle from my bag and tell you what makes me cry today.

Or wanna jumps from a bridge


Pssst Pink Floyd + weed = bliss

I’m okay.


Although my dog just nearly made me have a melt down from his loud ass barking randomly for no reason other than he isn’t a dog anymore since my neighbor chased him around the fucking parking lot and threatened him

He’s a 20 pound ball of anxiety now

And I can’t deals.

I seriously want to go all John Wick on my neighbor sometimes you know?

I’m on bed rest and I’m gonna watch Unhinged with Russell Crowe because I did that on dose one and it was such a good movie.

I want to go all Russell Crowe with the system

Or Like Trinity in the Mayrix

Bonnie and Clyde’s attitude but with authority

I’ve been heavily programmed by the army to fuck the enemy up and to protect you at all cost.

It is my code.


And they got to program me for 15 years.


I’m like the Terminator assigned to protect you.


I’m a damn good soldier


But even in the Army I pressed the rules a time or two.

I was made to do it.

Like escaping mental asylums.

Easy Peezy


I need to go work for the FBI and the CIA


In the “special” unit


I was watching this documentary where they were having a buzzer that was going off at a clinic that people would come to and someone would stand up every time the buzzer would go off so then everybody else started standing up every time the buzzer would go off even though nobody knew why they stood up every time the buzzer went off but everybody started doing it and I would’ve been the one person yelling like “what the fuck are you doing, have you all gone mad”.

And in psychology there’s a term for this but I can’t remember it.

Or, Like how when someone will stand on the corner of the street and look up at a building and then everybody else will come and start looking up but nobody even knows why they’re doing it but if they gain a crowd of people just standing there looking up at the fucking building like, “what the fuck is wrong with y’all“?

So no, I’m not a sheeple.

Monkey see but monkey don’t do.


Monkey get mad


*starts bouncing all over the room*

*crowd turns and looks at the lone monkey and stones her “crazy”*


Yeah because clearly I’m the fucking problem

The rules are fucking ridiculous and I’m not gonna follow them.

Ban me!!!

Crucify me!!!!

You’re all a bunch of fucking slaves!!!!

(Me too)


Just because everybody is doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s right.

NASA Religion Porn it’s all the same entity and it exists to keep you distracted from the fact that you are a slave, Neo.

Red pill or blue?

How far into the rabbit hole do you want me to take you?

Do you want to be free?

You can feel that somethings wrong, you’ve always known?

Douglas MacArthur once said that above all the soldier prays for peace and he wasn’t wrong.

Monday wasn’t the first time I was almost arrested nor will it be my last and I’ll probably be nearly getting arrested on my deathbed.

Wild child full of grace / savior of the human race


I think that’s my actual motto


So much writing on the wall, can you read it all?
Can you see through the haze when the writing’s small?
Can you read what it means, is it making sense?
‘Cause it’s all dollar, bills, and pounds, and pence
Telling you what to do and what pills to take,
When your head’s in your hands and your belly aches,
Where to go in the world when you need a change,
Don’t you worry about the bill, that can be arranged.
Make me sad, make me sleep, make me question,
Give me things that can calm this depression.
Let me know what to do when my money’s spent,
Let me know how to smell and to pay the rent,
Let me know what to do when my hair is gone,
Let me know who to kill when the war is on.
There’s a woman of your dreams and she’s on the phone,
Better send her a text when you’re on your own.
Make me sad, make me sleep, make me question,
Give me things that can calm this depression.
So much writing on the wall…
Feel, trust, obey



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