I got a shoutout by OnlyFans for making TOP 27%! 😻

Y’all, I was not following them, I wasn’t even using hashtags in my Tweet because I’m terrified of hashtags now!

So it makes this shoutout even more special to me. ☺️

Y’all, they said it’s an amazing achievement!! 😻

So, this is every bit my subs achievement too! Because I couldn’t do it without you!! 💕

I kept asking was it worth celebrating and I guess it is!!

It absolutely is an achievement and I can add that to my four-page resume! 💪

And when I ever get around to doing my fourth Survivor audition tape, I can literally say “I’m top 27% of all creators on OnlyFans”.

I bet CBS will hear that because they like numbers.

And I can also now mention that my website has had over 70,000 views and over 24,000 visitors.

I’ve been working hard for sure!

Thank you for your support!!

OnlyFans has noticed! 😻

I’m touching the summit!

*gets emo*

*might cry*

I have my WordPress connected to my Twitter so any time I post something on my WordPress it automatically publishes to my Twitter and OnlyFans has responded to that automatic post which is super cool because well I wasn’t using any hashtags or anything.

I got noticed without hashtags or tagging someone.

A miracle.

A sign of life.

An achievement!

You have my love!

Thank you for your support!

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/poeeternal/status/1387180824450277376?s=21

My OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/poeeternal


I read a blog post last night where another blogger had reached 100 fans and the top 8% within a six-month timeframe (so I was momentarily feeling discouraged until I read that Tweet by OF).

I’ve been on OnlyFans for six months as well and I’ve reached top 27% so I’m just grateful for any growth that I have because most people don’t want to support me for whatever their reasons are.

Again, they wanna lock me on the bottom of the Titanic and watch it sink in boats that could hold more people.

I just know it.

So thank you because I am out here busting my ass.

I love you! 💕

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