Da mama and da baby

Every now and then I remind people that I am a mother

And reason number 1 that I don’t have fake boobs is because I’m a breast feeder. 👀

I fed mine for 1 solid year.

They never once drank powder formula.

100% breast milk only and for 6 months that is all my child lived on and then after 6 months of age I began introducing baby food to their diet but my breast milk was their number 1 diet for another 6 months!

Not Gerber baby food. Not powdered milk.

The milk that my body made specific to my babies needs.

That’s what they drank.

Looking at mama while feeding 👀

My baby is all growns now.

I pay all my own bills 👀

Never once married 👀

Y’all don’t like a real MILF tho do you?

You like the ones with the fake tits who don’t even watch their kids?

Let alone breast feed 👀

I wish I knew then what I know now 👀

My tits sag cuz I’m a mom who breastfed and I’m sick of you body shaming me because of it 👀

I’m still capable of having babies 👀

But maybe not for much longer 👀

(Because I’m currently 420 years of age) 👀

Still ovulating

100% all natural babe

And on my good days I still look fairly young and everybody thinks we’re sisters (not mama daughter)

(While they were born female they identify as male so I rarely use the term she/her anymore).

I’m not inexperienced 👀

That porn actress is ACTING – that’s why she looks direct in the camera and SMILES.

Please wake up

Dying and need you


(Somebody please love me before I die on the street)

(I don’t want to replace my body with desensitizing plastic so I can’t even feel you touching me or fucking me) 👀

I wore fake nails for two weeks and couldn’t feel a fucking thing I touched.

Plastic separates you from yourself



I am “tired” of feeling things 👀

*dies naked on street*

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