God doesn’t want us collecting and tagging and counting every creature on Earth

“For science and education”

The New World Order wants that

They want to own and control the world

They almost do

When will identity be illegal?

You already crucify individuality with your “copy of a copy of a copy” bullshit.

1984 is every fucking day

And now with the new TOS policy I reckon people are learning how to make Instagram posts and TikTok videos in first grade now 👀

You can get a sex change operation or completely change your body into a fucking lizard but you can no longer smoke a menthol cigarette, that’s fucking banned 👀

And now if you’re in the military you can share what you’re doing on social media 👀

When I was serving you weren’t even allowed to “check in” on social media 👀

I identify as DAZED AND CONFUSED 👀

(And I’m the kid in the stoner shirt who always has the good weed) 👀

Hey mannnnnm you wanna get highhhhhh

(Cuz it’s getting high or dying in the street)

(And I’ve actually lost supporters because I smoke medicinal) 👀


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