Demons have many faces
But none-so-much as you
You left about a thousand traces
All wrapped up in blue
Broken hearts were common places,
You used your tears like glue
56 years paved without graces
Your time is nearly through

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His tongue an opinion ship
Vessels which harbor Satan himself
It carries a plague lip to lip
Confessing love & other bullshit
Common lies his weapon or wealth
Hidden behind charm and wit

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If you remember

He took a train to the north
To tie a loose end
And said not to worry
She’s a lady friend

And so was set forth
A river of tears
That he would soon

My freedom is more
Important he said
Your pain is what
I give you instead

The poor little lover
Was always misread
So fame and freedom
Is what he wed

No ring on her finger
No, honeymoon either

If we end-
All ends she pled
While mourning the seasons
When light transcends

Alone in the shadows
Alone in her bed
Sooner or later
Her heart was found dead

If you remember, all ends well
But not for Adele

(c)Delia Ross. 2014