I have but apathy to loan Where once a heart of gold Now all but shades of stone The clouds a frown The dirt my home I am but a shadow more The frost withered on the grass A sound upon shattered glass A wall without a door © Delia Ross. 2018 Find me on:... Continue Reading →

Demons have many faces But none-so-much as you You left about a thousand traces All wrapped up in blue Broken hearts were common places, You used your tears like glue 56 years paved without graces Your time is nearly through #poeeternal #newpoem

His tongue an opinion ship Vessels which harbor Satan himself It carries a plague lip to lip Confessing love & other bullshit Common lies his weapon or wealth Hidden behind charm and wit #amwriting #insomnia #ihateyou #demonsexist #gobacktohell #TwitterIloveYou #poem #poeeternal

If you remember

He took a train to the north To tie a loose end And said not to worry She’s a lady friend And so was set forth A river of tears That he would soon Apprehend My freedom is more Important he said Your pain is what I give you instead The poor little lover Was... Continue Reading →

I wrote something new last night. Often my poems have hidden meanings. How do you interpret this poem?

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