Emotional Cargo


I wish I didn’t know what it is that I know
I’d stop myself from going down a path I never grow
Then I’d never sneer when I see an old photo
I’d never ever wonder who I’d be without the woe

I wish I didn’t know what it is that I know
I’d stop myself from packing all of this emotional cargo
I seem to carry it with me no matter where it is I go
I’d gladly give it to you but there’s no place left to stow

© Delia Ross. 2019

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In The Ever

We belong together, like orbits decaying


Be tender with my will
Craters have formed from the impact of your words
They crush and pulverize
How deep do my crevices go?
Their corridors are dark
And fill with regolith
I tremble with aftershocks
As your words settle into the cold
My bones hold worries unknown
My smooth surface eroding from longing
I’d let you hide in my depths
Come and go with the shadows
See how the light races around my hole
It falls into aches and covers the night with hope
I am longing to find you there
Your words move quicker than light-speed
I am hollow, penetrate me
Watch how the dust settles
There’s a glimmer of destiny there
We belong together
Like orbits decaying
Feel the pull
Shake me
The more you resist, the harder I tug
Had you not found me when you did
My darkness might have perished forever

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The Garden of Us


Maybe if he understood the need
How longing is growing like a weed
And in between the distance and the stars that truly listen
I know he’d rather have me in the lead

Maybe if I took the time to plead
And nurtured space like it was a seed
The stuff that would be growing is the energy in knowing
That fate will come to help us both succeed

© Delia Ross. 2020

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