Yesterday he said he loved me and tonight he proposed and somewhere between all that excitement I fell asleep on him Welp 👀

Loud and Clear

Whatever message that guy was sending me on my OnlyFans yesterday read like this: “I dig your personality, your pussy is great, but I don’t like your tits”. Just like that dude who said that shit to my face who I never heard from again Irrational? Eh, maybe. Or nail-on-head and my response is justified … Continue reading Loud and Clear


Just booted a subscriber from my OnlyFans Don’t fucking come to my home and insult me. I don’t need your fucking $9.75. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE


“I don’t like your titties cuz they sag” *bends over / shakes the girls* I’ve been kinda afraid to “let the girls hang” but these day I’m ever grateful of the fact cuz - no grey hair yet - still looking relatively young - still ovulating despite the age Top 35 bb!!!!!

6 days

So I think I’m feeling better today but it’s only 5:55 AM and I’m not ready to rush out of my bed and into my chores and into working out but I think I’m better. I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet so the update could change. But six days give or take is the … Continue reading 6 days


You know they found the bones of Christ. Others deny. But I believe it to be true. Bless his heart, he tried to warn us about the NWO. He tried to tell us this isn’t our design. Stuff doesn’t make you happy. Life isn’t about money. He was crucified. John Lennon, shot. Malcolm X Tupac … Continue reading Bones

Trinity, help!

They will lovebomb you with religion and it will deprive you of your senses- they will chain you to porn- diluting any chances Hello NWO/ Illuminati I see you IDGAF *pops bubble* And I don’t even need to reload my M16A2 *sucks thumb* Y’all are the same fucking entity it’s so fucking clear to me, … Continue reading Trinity, help!


I don’t feel so bad about doing this taboo set now because I was told the thumb sucking was enjoyed. Sometimes I like to role-play because I have a weird sexuality. For the most part I’m always very dominant (I’m actually really good at giving orders. I did it very well in the military). But … Continue reading Thumbsucker