The Truth

A mini love poem + digiart


An entirely long dreamy freestyle poem

The End

The light is going out, the light is gone


My favorite colors are you


Do you ever read something and feel like it's written just for you?

A Million Sunsets + My Love

You bring light in (when can I see your face again)

The Picture

The future is missing any sun


Doubt was sound asleep and dreaming


I always feel like somebody's watching me...


Lust is easy. Love takes courage.

Fields of Knowing

Where do I put the love? The world is ending but I still love you. Where are you?

Round and Wound

Narcissism. Longing. Unrequited love.

Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

The Downside (A song)

Can't sleep, wrote some song lyrics


Do you ever feel like someone's speaking directly to you even if they're not? (It gets me in trouble)


This poem IS NOT about the guy I'm crazy in love with.


I don't know how to stop loving him or whoever he is

Over Bid

I told him I loved him and then I failed to exist....


He played me. My heart died.

Half Broken Dreams (And Poetry)

Broken thoughts, miniature words, endless sorrow

Lost and Found

I'll drop your heart in the lost and found


Learnings and hard earnings


Maybe I'm not what they need


Despair is starting to fill the love boat.

Demon Star

He's got a black heart


Some things aren't what they seem

40K!! + Patreon Exclusive Content

My blog hit 40k! Patreon only poetry and stories, original sharable digiart, private nude gallery, plus more!


Another unrequited 3 AM love poem, for the one, the haunting ghost in my life

Stones of Regret


Underneath the stones of regret peace is found
Though the tether is outstretched it is still bound
The weather grew punishing and so too his frown
But my love for him keeps circling around

And I try my hardest to stand
But this depression keeps showing its ugly hand
And I’m trying to fly but in his heart I just crash-land
And it breaks my heart I did it again

So with my broken will I isolate the curse
But without him I am ever growing worse
And if I could I would put time in reverse
Love would be the only tether we would traverse

I pushed away the only thing that ever mattered
And when he left my soul completely shattered
And now there’s nothing, not even a word
And his silence is the loudest sound I have ever heard

© Delia Ross. 2019

I never wanted to…

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I love him


I needed to vent via rhyme (themes of depression & suicide / possible trigger warning)

6 Feet

An anti-love poem in under 20 words


Starting to get some warm days back in Florida, woo. New micropoem. 😊

House Arrest

It's March? Fuck. Still love him...

Angel’s Dust

Sorry's come with sorrow


I wrote this freestyle for my Instagram but felt like it belonged here...


My walls are thick and dusty but he's breaking through


I need him like air too...


Crooning for his love...

Behind Closed Doors

Come get to know me better on Patreon.


She wants you to taste her innocence


An angel dies in hell trying to save a demon she loved


I'm a fool for love

The Upside Down Girl

So cool! My digiart is being featured in Tom’s poem! Nice to see my digiart getting some love! I spend hours at times making digiart, it’s my third love. ❤️

It fits nicely with his poem!

One of These Years...

Her skin is pale in the early evening
hanging upside down
from the foot of an unmade bed
feeling weightless
watching the world beyond the window
where Autumn rain falls upward
and lights divide

No appetite in this dark room
no appetite for days
friends all kept at bay
no rubber masks, only patches of ice
no fireworks, just fallen leaves collecting
passing headlights flood the room
then scan across the ceiling

Blood is pounding in her ears
‘I’m losing weight’ she thinks
As puddles form in the street outside
the shops all wear their shutters down
She reaches up, closes her eyes
pushes two thumbs into the carpet
and whispers

‘With every second slipping away
we become strangers
with every second sliding away
I cease to belong
to anyone, to anything
and strangers we will always be…’

The endlessness of loneliness
the faceless prison guard
rattles their keys

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I Love Him

An entirely long, Saturday morning freestyle for the one I love... Excuses and roses ❤

Restless (Sequel) [with audio/music]

What lovely audio & spoken word! Y’all give his blog a follow!

One of These Years...

Writing in circles again
I’m chasing your tail
to edge of pointlessness

The nihilistic streak in me
vibrates at the thought of you
It’s like I take my pulse
while getting your name tattooed

You’ve got your phantom hook in me
just deep enough to tear
welcome back
o, welcome back…

The most concise statement I ever etched
the most desperately impassioned verse spilt
it’s emblazoned with your image
it squawks for your attention

That devil on my shoulder
lights a cigarette when you smile
it’s like an ache
and all the pills I can take

You’ve got your phantom hook in me
just deep enough to burn
so welcome back
welcome back…

Be gentle with me
say as little as possible
to me…

It will never be as good as it was
it will never feel like it did at the start
but welcome back
welcome back…


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He's been crucified and his name three times denied

An Invitation To Love

Confusion front-and-center but love is the answer...

For Real Tho

I don't pretend to be perfect nor have I ever pretended to be anything that I'm not. And sometimes I use my blog to vent because writing is therapy for me and I've said that from day one. I do need to learn how to manage my hate for her though. Or for any monsters. … Continue reading For Real Tho


I make decisions I know I'll regret later (but this isn't one of them)


Bedroom poetry


I love him

Special Offer on Patreon (Ends 3/31)

I am running a Special Offer on Patreon until 3/31

Hello Farewell


Fairytale or nightmare
Heaven or hell
Common man or devil
This time I can’t tell

Leisure or battle
Sickly not well
Poison or apple
To leave or to dwell

Whole or a sample
Free or for sale
Space or a shackle
Real or a spell

So many I tackle
His shit I can smell
Tongues full of babble
Be quiet or yell

Fist or a grapple
Satin or shell
To flee or to straddle
Correct or misspell

Stand still now or paddle
The boat took a swell
Clear thoughts or to channel
Hello or farewell

© Delia Ross. 2019

Dropped spoken word of this on my Tuners account 👍

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Listen to me…

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She's a pyramid scheme

Transmission Unknown

A signal straight from my heart to yours (Happy Valentines)

Dear Bloggers, Please Read

Re-sharing this tidbit for anyone considering publishing (and it’s best to avoid the pyramid schemes from other bloggers acting as publishing companies when they’re not)… Blurb is the best platform to publish, and you retain complete control over your writings, 100% all the time!


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Poem + digiart


Slaves any way you cut it...

Patreon poem + intro (Public post)

You should go check out my public post on Patreon! ✌️

Carry You

An original song

In The Ever

Be tender with my will (Dedicated to CAP)

An Apology For My Apologies

I'm forever sorriezz (no for real, I'm sorry)


Got his noose around my neck...


I just freestyle wrote this *For Chris*


I can't stop my love for him or his rhyme

600 Followers today, uhm I LOVE YOU

Keeping it real + gratitude


Unrequited love micropoetry

First Place

Cheer up y'all, I love writing rhyme. But good girls always come last. 😎

Soft Landings

I'm still dipping my toes in non-rhyme. 🤓

Wolf Moon

The Moon - a poem + thoughts

Blooms of Forever

Another non-rhyme, feeling inspired. Happy Friday / Chinese New Year


The longing now just feels like a sickness

Between The Lines

These non-rhymes I do are a rare event. Hope you like! 🙂


Once I had a dream of us…


It is a light, warm rain, so it doesn’t matter
And the moon tonight is full as are your lips
And your eyes are staring at me like I’m her
A feeling that I’ve never had occur

And the only sounds we hear are mostly beats
And it’s getting louder every time we breathe
There’s some danky music far away in the streets
And the rain is louder falling at our feet

The trees are gently sighing with the wind
I whispered in your ear don’t let it end
But I knew that you would ask so I said it again
And as I was repeating you made a grin

I gently started shaking in the rain
It’s like you just released me from my chain
Or maybe just release from all the pain
And tears were the main attraction at this stage

Your fingertips remind me I’m okay

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Call To Sorrow

I hate him. I hate me. The end.


He loves me not


I'm angry, I'm furious, I'm full of rage


People change but nothing changes

What You Can Expect as a Patron

Dear Patrons And Future Patrons



His failures are beautiful strokes of lightning
The waterfall running
A beautiful warning
A star still forming
A winter mourning

He falls like icebergs crumbling in the sea
A white snowfall covering the trees
The wind in the evening as you finally feel the breeze
A moment of reckoning that brings you to your knees

© Delia Ross. 2020

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He falls like icebergs crumbling in the sea

Ink and Tears

A freestyle poem of unrequited magnitude

Rose 🌹

She's beauty and danger (a micropoem)

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready

The Garden of Us

A rhyme or cadence (updated with original digiart)


That boy make me burnnnnnnn for him *sigh* (Micropoem + photos)


Information about my Patreon and love to my Patrons!


A poem and rant about sexual harassment

Body Paint

His words cover me like body paint


To whom does his words belong


He gives her everything and she gives him unfaithfulness

Angels Among Us

Micropoem + angelic digiart