Falling further into his dark skies
Even in the lows he gives me highs
Even when he’s gone his cape will fly
And when I’ve crossed a line he still will try

I extend my wings cuz love defies
He hides behind a wall of sad goodbyes
There’s writings all around that shield his lies
He needs a lot of fuel to hide his sighs

He claims I’m just a hunter here to pry
But that won’t explain the butterflies
He thinks I’m just a doll who only cries
But that won’t change the winnings of your prize

You can change your hand but fate has not a guise
Even through your troubles I am falling for your eyes
I stab the pitch black night so I can feel you rise
Baby you free me, look at that sunrise

© Delia Ross. 2019

I find him incredibly sexy and he turns me into a raving beast actually but I definitely don’t want to hunt or cage him…

Sorry for the long rhyme and double rhyme in the ends but I think it worked!?!

I know it’s only been like 5 minutes since I said it before but I loves him.

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