The Ends

The ends are the hardest to begin
Stuck in a vortex on automatic spin
Awaiting the pain to end
Searching for answers in all
the wrong friends
He’ll lie and beg for amends
You’ll heed the calling
And die from within
He’s poison I’ll say it again
A deal with him is to
dance with sin
The ends are the hardest to bend


© Delia Ross. 2017




Mr. No name

There’s not alot left when there’s
nothing to lose
I’d settle for less but
there’s nothing to choose
You settled out west
and contracted the blues
Would it be out of quest to
congratulate you?

You’re wrong I’m the best-
I’m not like the rest,
And the difference will
come to test you!

You’re not the best dressed
No need to contest
My hatred is tried and true

Here’s one more for good jest
my life would be blessed
if you could die a bit soon…

©Delia Ross / @PoeEternal

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