Like snakes they entered my life
Any chance they took a bite
Without a mask, I pulled out my knife
I’ll insert it while acting nice
Because my hands are cold as ice

Lethal and maybe pretty
Small but also deadly
Feelings, I ain’t got any
Regrets, there aren’t many
Endings they come a plenty

Slither around here
I will bring a tear
I will wear a sneer
I don’t need you dear
Watch love disappear

Kindness sure but no
I’ve got unlimited ammo
I’ll treat you your worth you know
You’re just a creature from the below
I’ll put you back where you ought to go

Self and mortal loathing
I’ll do anything to protect my king
But you, you won’t mean a thing
Piss me off and feel my sting
Hate is an eternal spring

I will never hide behind a mask
About your future I will never ask
Under curiosity I will never bask
If it’s love give me another task
I’ve got a friend named Jack and he’s in my flask

© Delia Ross. 2019   


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