A Girl & Her Guitar

Shadows reveal everything. I posted stuffs on my Instagram. I play on an Epiphone. I know a few chords. You can listen on Tuners. I’m busy doing stuffs. Forgive my absence of your blogs (or commenting in general). I’m newly on Patreon as a writer if you’d like to support my creative endeavors. There’s only one me and I run all my social media accounts, but I do work hard to put out good content. Here’s some photos of me without makeups (sorry, self-loathing phase AKA depression).

I’ve gained at least 5 lbs from eating donuts I’m sure… (I weigh in at 125 pounds currently, petite as fuck).
No filter. HAIRS 😍
I posted this and a few others on Instagram but Insta zooms them. So here it is with my face. I’m sure it was better without. πŸ™‚

G’nite! Time for baths. Probably should have cleaned up first. Dirty gal (more like just tired and achy). πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “A Girl & Her Guitar

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  1. Cheap ass pantyhose lingerie that needs to get tossed in the bin! πŸ˜ƒ But thank you! It’s only received 3 likes from females across all my social media sites. And American dudes aren’t interested in me because I’m not a fake ass plastic barbie doll. Or because I’m not a thick girl. I literally get ignored. Everywhere. By everyone. Or, when I’m dressed cute the girls will call me a slut and everything else…. in fact, I have to watch all the female bloggers supporting each other but not me… it’s ridic.

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  2. American guys aren’t what you think. Our popular culture is “only” marketed towards upper middle class white kids because they have money to spend.

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  3. Don’t lower your bar… Look in different places. Rejections ain’t no thing. Be Strongly independent. Meat sticks are a dime a dozen.

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