Eternally Yours: Poetry for People by Delia Ross

Some have inquired about where you can get my coffee table book, Eternally Yours: Poetry for People. You can order the softbound edition from Amazon Prime & other outlets (see below). If you are looking for the hardcover though, it will have to be ordered direct from my publisher.

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These Lessons Again And Again These Lessons

It’s going to keep coming around and around it keeps going
Over and over these lessons harden and are gaining speed and growing
You’d think by now we’d get it, but these lessons keep on flowing

It’s different now but maybe it would have been better never knowing
Nothing will ever hide these wrinkles on my forehead from showing
There might have been a warning when he heard the bird crowing
Damn, you see, it’s just another universal omen
But is he aware that time for me is gradually slowing

These lessons, these lessons keep on coming
These lessons, these lessons keep on coming

© Delia Ross. 2019



‘DETAINED’ by @poeeternal

He makes me want to sin
But it’d be heaven I contend
The way his words move under my skin
I’d fall for him again and again
I once made my amend
While feeling silence closing in
If only there were more moments to spend
Would he care the places I’ve been?

His silence tortures me
From a bird to a parolee
His energy is beastly
I’d stay in jail, be his detainee
Satisfaction is guaranteed
But there are obstacles to oversee
Invitations with no addressee
His heart is like an Oak tree

© Delia Ross. 2019

hightlight reels

I know these are highlights of your life
And wintry inside feels the knife

I’ve never owned a set of pearls
There’s been at least a thousand girls

Tomorrow seems so different now
You lied when you gave me your vow

I can be a terrible friend
I’d take a bullet for you in the end

Only want to marry once
40 years now gone, I’ve lost patience

© Delia Ross. 2018

Traces of places by PoeEternal

Sometimes come around now & then
It’s hard to forget all the places that I’ve been
I’d rather face the crowd than live a life of pretends
Living an honest life are the roads few transcends
And we both know those aren’t the type of parties he attends
There’s plenty evil in the world for people to defend
And this is where our story must come to an end
But in the future please pick better friends

photo & poem by @PoeEternal