For the love of God there were more than two parties deserving of a chance to speak at the presidential elections but also to have gotten your votes instead.

Voting left or right, red or blue brings about absolutely zero change and the two-party outdated system needs to be abolished.

Jo Jorgensen was a better candidate than the two assholes y’all put in charge but congratulations!!!! You bought the FEAR the 1% sold you!!!


That last statement is so powerful but it will go over most civilians head…
Fully awake and experiencing life. You should drop stop drowning yourself at the end of a bottle and making wrong fucking votes. Then you might not have a fucking face full of grey hairs already. FYI. Alcohol is a depressant. They also have like therapy for sex addiction and alcohol and all kinds of stuff if you have the willingness to get better which you don’t cuz cumming. You don’t know how to harness your sexual energy or to vote.

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