I don’t feel so bad about doing this taboo set now because I was told the thumb sucking was enjoyed.

Sometimes I like to role-play because I have a weird sexuality.

For the most part I’m always very dominant (I’m actually really good at giving orders. I did it very well in the military).

But I am not a professional dominatrix and everything I do comes from my imagination and intense sex drive.

I’m still so awfully shy at everything I post on my OF!

But I always try to give it my best energy and personality, even doing the taboo, kinky stuff.

I mean I’m the kind of girl that gets shy when I blush.

And you can absolutely tell when I am blushing.

Can you tell I am blushing now?

So glad you enjoyed my new “thumbsucking” Easter set. ☺️

Your feedback on Instagram stopped me from having a meltdown and crying.

Now I’m just blushing.

Love you too 🥰

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