Just booted a subscriber from my OnlyFans

Don’t fucking come to my home and insult me.

I don’t need your fucking $9.75.


5 responses to “BLOCKED”

  1. I mean, that was the most silent hard-core body shaming I’ve ever had to deal with. And I’m crying. Almost nearly as bad as the dude who broke up with me because he didn’t like my tits. Thank you for asking! Fucking crying! I’ve been sexually repressed all my life so that’s the one safe place for me to express my sexuality and for someone to just treat me like that in my own home- I refunded him and blocked him. So now he really can’t enjoy the content and hopefully I get my peace of mind back. xo

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  2. Any guy who is paying to see tits isn’t exactly an expert. I am sure your tits are amazing. Everyone’s standards of beauty is different. Don’t let his define how you see yourself 🖤❤️


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