She said “You’re too young for your heart to be looking like that, I don’t like how your EKG looks”.

Who is she? My Primary care doctor who ordered my EKG.

I’m blaming COVID vaccinations

After dose 1 when my blood pressure dropped really low.


But the CDC quietly pushed under the rug the blood clots this shit is causing and I was already having fucking issues so I just played Russian Roulette.

I know I’m not gonna wait around for the VA to fucking call me to schedule me for my ultrasound

I hope I drag my ass into the ER in the morning

I can’t even think about what’s going on right now, it only causes my fucking heart to hurt worse.

Under a heating pad cuz warmth is life

I didn’t have to get this fucking thing

Yeah crawling to the emergency room and hopefully because it’s heart related I won’t have to stay there for hours and hours but that’s better than waiting on the VA to call me for a fucking ultrasound

So I’ll call my doctor from the ER in the morning and ask her to approve my ER visit

Because I have to get permission like a good little sheeple if I wanna use any kind of fucking hospitals outside of the VA system.

The VA will more than likely cover it but I gotta fucking ask.

There’s been a time or two I have thrown the bill at them and told them they were going to pay it despite me not getting permission first.


Have hyper-ventilated a couple times since getting the information this morning.

This shit causes blood clots and people have died over it and it may be some miracle that I’m even still a fucking live….

I didn’t even need to get this fucking thing since were mingling together vaccinated and un-vaccinated now.

It’s safe it’s relatively safe it’s fucking safe you’ll be OK oh it’s safe you’ll be fine it’s safe millions of Americans have done it it’s safe meanwhile the CDC quietly hushed about the fact that it’s causing blood cots huh

Thanks guys

I played along and I fucking lost

Hey you’re burying me under the fucking Titanic!!!!


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