verb▸ to take someone else’s work, ideas, or words, and use them as if they were your own

As far as I’m concerned we’re even

You buried me in this fake ass community

I should burn your book

And 90% of the blogging community with it

You all steal my ideas from me and fuck each other in the comments about how good it was

You never once gave the content you stole my idea from a like, a comment, a re-blog, a fucking follow…

You never even joined my Patreon at the lowest tier amount

You just keep visiting my blog and stealing my ideas

I’m no longer using the phrase “suicidal” anymore with my doctors and I’m now using the phrase “homicidal“ instead


9 responses to “Plagiarism”

  1. I need to get in touch with my therapist I’ve been avoiding but venting on my blog first thing in the morning has become ritual. I do feel better after getting things off my chest. 👀


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